Sacramento, California ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in Sacramento, California, 17 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in Sacramento, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 9.0 months. The average case processing time in Sacramento is 335 days.The Sacramento average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 50%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the Sacramento ODAR office was last updated on 9/18/2014.

SSA, Sacramento ODAR Office
1610 Arden Way, Suite 250
Sacramento, California 95815
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Phone: (866) 931-2544 -- Fax: (916) 564-5360
eFile Fax: (877) 394-9226 (For sending evidence)

OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
Sacramento 17 9.0 months 335 days 1.9 16% 50% 35%
California10.8 months358 days2.017%48%35%
National Average:12.5 months405 days2.018%44%38%
Hearing Wait Time: 9.00 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 1.85
Average Processing Time 335 days
Cases Pending 9755
Dispositions 5264
New Cases 8949
Hearings In Person 73%
Video Hearings 27%

Comments about Judges at the Sacramento California ODAR office:

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Judge: Robert C Tronvig
Date Posted: 10/21/2014 12:04:35 AM
Submited By:

Quick and Easy Hearing. Thank you Judge Tronvig and Roopen with Smolich and Smolich for representing me after I was denied twice.

Judge: Carol L Buck
Date Posted: 10/13/2014 9:27:26 AM
Submited By:

Good judge. Very thorough, fair. Goes the extra mile to put nervous claimants at ease.

Judge: Plauche F Villere
Date Posted: 10/13/2014 9:23:05 AM
Submited By:

Great judge. Very compassionate and respectful to claimants regardless of their case merits. He actually walks to the door to shake hands with claimants, welcoming them into the hearing room. Issues favorable bench decisions if possible. Also, issues denials where the evidence doesn't support their case. In 7 years of practice, I have never met a kinder, more humane judge. He is a credit to the SSA and judiciary!

Judge: David M Blume
Date Posted: 6/17/2014 8:53:50 AM
Submited By: Edward Hawkins

I feel its important to look at all aspects of a case. in my case i feel he listened to what i had to say although noone can ever understand what another person goes through on a daily basis. i have worked the last 18 years for the same company and really wished i could still. i do feel that he tried to understand and looked at all my reports from doctors to try and make a fair decsion. i have not found out what that is but he did ask questions and i did my best to answer them. he also ask the vocational specialist questions, so i would say he was fair in the way he handled my appointment. ive been more upset with the ssi doctors that ive had to go see, i feel they need to be looked into because you see them for a couple minutes and for me they didnt even know what was wrong or why i was there, the doctor thought because i was missing parts of four fingers that was the reason, even though my body was jerking uncontrollably and thats why i was there. i did tell this to the judge and he was very kind about letting me know i would not be judged that way in his office, so i would just like to thank him no matter what his descion is at least he was kind to me and listened to all i had to say. so again thank you for that.

Judge: David M Blume
Date Posted: 4/30/2014 3:34:23 AM
Submited By: Vinod K Jain

Very Learned, well studied all the Disability Laws. But more importantly apply these laws in right perspective in positive manner. GOD BLESS THIS SOUL

Judge: David M Blume
Date Posted: 3/29/2014 10:42:03 PM
Submited By: Vickie Noyes

Although I do not know the outcome of my hearing, I am appreciative of being able to have a fair hearing. I felt Judge Blume fully listened to me, put me at ease as he saw how nervous I was. I felt respected and valued for my years of work. No matter the outcome I can honestly say that I had a fair hearing and was able to present all of my difficulties and struggles with employment.

Judge: Mary M French
Date Posted: 3/14/2014 11:39:16 PM
Submited By: z

I wish for Judge French to just for one day live the nightmare my life has been before I appeared in front of her but especially after I received her decision to deny my SSI claim. I was in the ER two days later for wanting to kill myself. If only some of these cold, heartless judges were forced to truly understand the horror of living a life ruled by mental illness...being suicidal for a year...having to live on $450 a month...enduring horrific side effects from psychotropic drug after drug...and then being denied the pittance of SSI you've waited years for.

Judge: Mary M French
Date Posted: 2/26/2014 9:49:23 AM
Submited By:

No matter the outcome, thanks for your professionalism and real world demeanor.

Judge: Carol A Eckersen
Date Posted: 9/12/2013 3:02:52 PM
Submited By:

Great judge. Very friendly and good at putting distressed claimants at ease.

Judge: Mark C Ramsey
Date Posted: 5/19/2013 6:33:02 PM
Submited By: Karen

He is a bad Judge. He is unprofessional and unfriendly.

Judge: Plauche F Villere
Date Posted: 5/15/2013 7:34:20 PM
Submited By:

Dear God, may I please have this judge for my case, after several years of pain, despair, anxiety, hopelessness, I would like to know I'm talking to a person that listens and understands, after two denials I see I might have to wait another year, I spoke to Binder/Binder, of course they want me, now I've done all the work and will probably do all the rest they will get 25%. I would have hired them in the first place but I don't want to share my money, I have had it hard enough just this past year, Being 60 is a curse after working all your life, you fit nowhere, absolutely no dental unless your getting a tooth pulled, thank God for food stamps, 200 month and Sacramento Health services, losing all faith in life, I will ask God to help me through this again. No one tells you how bad it really is when you get old, I will lose my chance at a housing voucher now, out of 50,000 I was one of the 3,000 chosen in Sac county, no income to back it up, can't complain anymore, here is to another year, I only hope I don't have a heart attack waiting, p.s. the Roseville ss office and dds office, I can't even tell you how much faith I had in you.

Judge: Robert C Tronvig
Date Posted: 4/23/2013 11:14:37 AM
Submited By:

I really appreciated Judge Robert C Tronvig Jr. I was very nervous to talk to the Judge, however he made me feel very confrontable. His decision was Fully Favorable, a lot of that has to do with Binder & Binder also (Love them). Judge Tronvig believed that I had worked hard all my life and gave me praises for working for the government agency I worked for, because it was a very demanding job. Thank You Judge Tronvig, and keep your winning personality and smile.

Judge: Odell Grooms
Date Posted: 4/18/2013 10:14:34 PM
Submited By:

Very unfair! God will fix it! I was denied my benefits after putting more than 45 years into the work force. Disabled, denied, but not forgotten by God!

Judge: Peter F Belli
Date Posted: 3/19/2013 11:16:18 AM
Submited By: MEJ

My case came before Judge Belli. He was argumentative and never called on either of the two experts at the hearing. He did not give me a chance to answer his questions, and acted as though I was not answering his questions, when I was doing my best to do so. I see he has the lowest approval rate in all of California, maybe even the nation, so I don't have much hope of a good outcome. I don't want to say this hearing was a waste of time, but I certainly did not feel as though I got a fair hearing. I think his denial of my case was a foregone conclusion before I ever stepped into proceeding.

Judge: Odell Grooms
Date Posted: 3/13/2013 8:43:37 AM
Submited By:

Judge Odell Grooms aint **** he told me at my hearing that he agreed that I was disabled vut sent me out a disapproved but its alright wish I could have a white judge instead.

Judge: Bradlee S Welton
Date Posted: 3/7/2013 6:20:14 PM
Submited By: Stephanie J Elmo

Even though I did not have a positive outcome (I'm now homeless) I felt Judge Welton was fair and impartial with regards to my social security disability claim. I will try to get my life back on track and move forward. If the Judge believes I can return to work, then that is what I intend to try.

Judge: Philip E Callis
Date Posted: 2/14/2013 11:00:35 PM
Submited By: Janada Jones

Judge Phillip E Callis was a understanding judge that gets down to the details of your disability. He gives you the opportunity to get your point across in explaining your reasons why you can't work. If you get the judge you are in the right enviroment of getting what you deserve.

Judge: Caroline H Beers
Date Posted: 1/18/2013 1:15:39 PM
Submited By:

Her approval rating must be an error. She may seem nice, but she NEVER grants.

Judge: David M Blume
Date Posted: 12/31/2012 8:25:02 PM
Submited By: mbey

Judge: Plauche F Villere
Date Posted: 9/15/2012 2:27:36 PM
Submited By:

Wonderful judge!!! Not just because of his obviously high approval rate. He respects everyone and goes out of his way to put nervous claimants at ease by asking them about their personal lives prior to beginning the hearings. You can tell he really cares about people and sees the humanity behind the numbers.

Judge: Mark C Ramsey
Date Posted: 9/5/2012 10:49:27 PM
Submited By: Marion

This civil servant lives in an Ivory Tower. I don't have insurance, because I can't work. No doctor is going to send me to a specialist when I cannot afford to pay. Three physicians told him I cannot work, but he ignored them and took the word from an ex convict whom I haven't seen in over 5 years which he is NOT suppose to do. I agree with the other poster, but what comes around will indeed go around to him. He's good at calling people liars and unfit in their jobs. He deserves to lose his own job for being incompetent and lying about written testimony from those who actually know my case and live with me daily.

Judge: Philip E Callis
Date Posted: 9/4/2012 3:15:10 PM
Submited By: dana west

Wonderful judge i give him five stars, because of his respect and insight P

Judge: Mark C Ramsey
Date Posted: 8/17/2012 7:10:20 PM
Submited By:

I believe that this judge allows personal feelings to interfere with his duty as a civil servant. I hope that something happens in his life where he understands the pain and suffering that the victims of his incompetence experience. He has no feelings or care for the people that have the misfortune of having him preside over. I feel the state should look at this record and consider taking his license away. I am disgusted with what is allowed to sit on the bench and pretend to be human in this state.

Judge: Jean R Kerins
Date Posted: 5/18/2012 3:21:02 PM
Submited By: Anna F

Thank you so much for your kindness and thoughtful consideration. I truely appreciate the hard work that you do everyday.

Judge: Jean R Kerins
Date Posted: 5/15/2012 5:16:16 PM
Submited By: Anna