San Juan, Puerto Rico ODAR Office

At the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review (ODAR) in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 11 different administrative law judges (ALJ) conduct Social Security Disability (SSD) hearings and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) hearings. Currently, in San Juan, the average wait time for a SSI or SSD hearing is 23.5 months. The average case processing time in San Juan is 617 days.The San Juan average for winning a SSI or SSD disibility hearing is 72%. Click on the name of one of the ALJs below to see detailed information about their hearing results. This information for the San Juan ODAR office was last updated on 7/8/2016.

Average statistics
OfficeJudgesAvg. Hearing
Wait Time
Processing Time
Per Day Per ALJ
San Juan 11 23.5 months 617 days 2.2 14% 72% 13%
Puerto Rico18.2 months555 days3.023%61%15%
National Average:16.5 months517 days1.920%44%36%
Hearing Wait Time: 23.50 months
Dispositions Per Day Per ALJ 2.19
Average Processing Time 617 days
Cases Pending 9008
Dispositions 1911
New Cases 2106
Hearings In Person 74%
Video Hearings 26%

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Candiss M. Donato
Judge: Victoria A Ferrer
6/25/2016 11:41:46 AM

Potassium 1 tablet a day, (because of the Lasix I take for my congestive heart failure); Furosemide 20mg 1 tablet a day, (to prevent water retention around my heart); Lisinopril 20mg 1 tablet twice a day, (for heart function); Metoprolol 50mg 1 tablet twice a day (for blood pressure); Atorvastatin 40mg 1 a day, (for cholesterol); Metformin 500 mg twice a day, (to control diabetes); Tylenol with Codeine, 1 tablet every four hours, (for fibro myalgia and degenerative disc disorder pain); 81mg aspirin, 1 a day to prevent stroke and control heart); melanoma cancer and now breast cancer. Tremor in left arm with severe weakness. This is what I take on a daily basis and I'm not considered disabled? I worked two jobs my entire life and served eight years in the United States Navy some of which was during ODS, and this is what my government and you Judge Ferrar consider fair. There are so many people out there cheating our system and you denied me my benefits that I paid into all my life. Because the State of Illinois wouldn't give me Medicaid, because I didn't fulfill their criteria for coverage at the time and couldn't see a doctor, because I didn't have any money or insurance, you decided I wasn't disabled. Your decision Judge Ferrar was not right in my case and you know it. Go after the cheaters who lie and get disability and have never worked or fought for this country.

Judge: E Rodriguez-Quilichini
5/7/2016 11:26:03 AM

This judge was very compassionate and respectful and he made my anxiety go away after I realized that he understood my terrible situation. I don't like going to court but he made me feel welcomed and I felt at ease. Thank you!

Judge: Victoria A Ferrer
4/30/2016 12:01:01 PM

This judge was understanding and asked questions professionally. Have not received decision as of yet but I do give credit to her for being professional and understanding.

Judge: Maria T Mandry
3/21/2016 12:18:40 PM

no star for you judge not even one. the second I stood in front of you. you preceded to let me and my attorney know that you did not have time to review the case as you read about it to late. you had a vocational jackass decide that I can do a job . wrong I can do any job there is ,there is nothing I cant do.. but I have too suffer severe mental and physical pain to do it. and obviously its okay to you. I have read the denial letter which is also incomplete. as you totally left out the reason I asked for an early decision. anyone reading this do yourself a favor ask for a different judge..

Judge: Richard J Ortiz-Valero
3/11/2016 9:58:15 PM

Very professional, very fair and courteous.

Michael Lawrence
Judge: Maria T Mandry
8/12/2015 11:48:53 AM

Judge Mandry was very prompt, polite, understanding, and detailed in my hearing. She was extremely fair, and truly understood my conditions. I felt very comfortable in her courtroom, and not nearly as anxious as my previous hearing. I was very fortunate to have her hear my case, consider all the evidence fairly, and grant me a positive adjudication of my disability case. She is thorough, and you need to be able to verbalize your impairments to backup your assertions of being disabled. Having seen my doctors on a regular basis, and their conclusions all matching made it a lot easier. Thanks you Judge Mandry for making the process less stressful, and rendering a fair decision. Also the great expert representation by my lawyers at Levan & Niedenberg out of Ft. Lauderdale assured that all the relevant facts were presented, and favorable outcome. Highly recommend them.

Tracy Greco
Judge: Maria T Mandry
7/20/2015 8:31:37 AM

Judge Mandry is extremely professional and detail oriented. Be prepared to explain your medical records, care and medication she goes over all your medical records and is very thorough. It was my pleasure to have her hear my case.

Judge: Gerardo Perez
6/26/2015 12:58:02 PM

I had my hearing with Judge Perez 6/24/15. He was very fair, he seemed compassionate and had done his homework before my hearing. I am very satisfied with this judge.

Judge: Maria Alexander Nunez
11/8/2014 7:47:20 AM

As Chief ALJ of Richmond, she has a moral and ethical responsibility to set the srandard according to the law. Claimants should NEVER be treated with bisa and personal prejudices. Her comments were racist and offensive to me. Her approval rate in Puerto Rico was a whopping 79%! In Boston 100%, and now in Richmond 32%! What does the last name Nunez have in common with PR?She needs to be investigated! With the recent class action lawsuit settlement in response the anti-claimant crew in Queens New York, can anybody say "Class Action Lawsuit against ssa anti-claimant ALJS in Richmond ODAR office?" Its time to shut anti-claimant judges like Nunez down! Is it possible to sue the SSA for emotional distress, pain and suffering caused by anti-claimant judges who deny legitimate claims?

Judge: E Rodriguez-Quilichini
8/7/2014 5:20:37 AM

I didn't get the vibe that this judge was "cold and unfair" in fact he seemed genuinely compassionate. He seemed as though he understood the pain I was in and the challenges that my disability cause. He doesn't need to be "replaced" as far as I'm concerned ODAR could use MORE judges like him. I know that it isn't customary for a claimant to speak to the alj ever again, but if it were possible, I would like to shake his hand, and tell him thank you.

Eric W Matal
Judge: Roberto Lebron
6/4/2014 8:12:27 AM

I had this judge and I can only show empathy for anyone who has this judge. I saw him in November 2012, waited til March 2013 to find out that I was went to appeal his decision with a bit more evidence of my disability, and have been waiting over a year to just get another hearing. Fortunately, the ODAR came back with a fully favorable decision and I am approved, which I guess is rare. So, if you are assigned to have your hearing with Judge Lebron, according to the statistics, you have a 12% chance. This judge should be sent back to Puerto Rico because that's the only place he has done any good.

Judge: E Rodriguez-Quilichini
3/26/2014 11:22:07 AM

cold and unfair judge, he didnt even review the medical records correctly he was more interested in denying the claim based on what he believes instead of the real evidence in front of him, i hope he is replaced.

Teraysa J L
Judge: Mario G Silva
3/11/2014 12:19:48 PM

I got denied because he could not read my doctor's hand wrighting and because I can also retained eye to eye contact with all of my medical personal staff just because your looking at someone doesn't mean your are retaining the information, and all doctor's say that anyways even if it's not true and missed doctor's appointments maybe I have a valid reason for missing them, he didn't even mention anything about my degenerative lumbar stenosis back issues in the denial letter I am NOT allowed to lift anything over 15 pounds. And I have to have another surgery on my back, every job I have applied to I they want you to be able to lift at least 30 to 35 pounds and as soon as I told them that I could not lift that they told me there's no reason to hire you, and I also have bipolar disorder high anxiety and just because I retain a driver's license I was also denied there are people out there with no limbs at all that received Social Security supplement and drive a vehicle also, this was not a very fair decision at all and I am also taking this to the appeals Council I got my denial letter on the 6th day of this month, and I aso feel that the man that does the job things at the hearing was so not impartial to me because the state of Indiana was paying him for his services, I have other issues also I'm not trying to collect free money I cannot honestly work, I also probably got denied due to the fact that I did not have a lawyer but I'm hard headed stubborn and I like to try to do things on my own, :\ I don't think your decision was very fair or just on my behalf,

Judge: Roberto Lebron
11/25/2013 10:11:29 AM

I have been I front of this Judge twice and both times he had to be reminded of my lung surgery. On June 13, 2013 he made a decision and took it back when his assistant reminded him that I was in front of him once before. Talk about incompetent! When I saw him for my second time he was complaing how expensive it was for him to get an x-ray and rumbled on about his illnesses. It's been over a year now and I am still waiting for his decision. This judge is easly confused and has to be redirected by the attorney repeatily, my attorney needs OVER 8 hours of sleep do deal with this judge. His retirement is over due.

Judge: Ramon Suris-Fernandez
10/9/2013 10:54:14 AM

Very fair judge...pleasant to appear in front of. He does request a written brief prior to the hearing. He seems to pay close attention to the Claimant's testimony and will allow the claimant the opportunity to explain any inconsistencies in the record. He does not automatically defer to the CE

Judge: Mario G Silva
3/26/2013 9:25:42 AM

I would just like to thank Judge Silva for making me feel comfortable in what has been a long and trying experience.

Judge: Mario G Silva
3/2/2013 10:44:28 AM

This judge asks very limited preliminary questions; questions atty about: 1. Client meeting or equaling a listing 2. severe impairments that do not meet or equal a listing 3. looks through every page of exhibits and if they are not your clients better be ready to strike them 4. asks random surprise questions (sorry cant be more detailed than that i.e. he asked me why on an RFC submitted by clients doctor would he say the noise level should not be more than moderate and THEN asked me to piont out medical records that would substantiate that conclusion) Really nice guy really pleasant in hearings but they last a very long time

Judge: Gerardo R Pico
2/22/2013 8:34:42 AM

The best Judge very Honest

Judge: Mario G Silva
2/19/2013 1:43:10 PM

I read comments about all these judges and wheather I win my cas or not, Judge silva Listened to my answers made sure he covered all bases of my disability and was not rude in anyway he was very professional

Judge: Roberto Lebron
1/4/2013 12:36:19 PM

This Judge has absolutely no idea what he's doing on the bench. He is beyond incompetent, incapable of following the rules and regulations set forth by the administration and has zero knowledge of the law and how it applies to cases. He violates claimants' due process rights, unnecessarily schedules examinations and wastes governmental resources. He uses cardiologists for orthopedic cases, fails to issue decisions within a reasonable time-frame and has no grasp on the law. He actually used to have 2 doctors and a vocational expert for every single case, until someone at SSA finally reprimanded him for his blatant waste of governmental resources. He has no business adjudicating any kind of case.

Judge: Roberto Lebron
12/6/2012 4:36:17 PM

Mr. Lebron was extremly adversarial and incompetent. He is totally incoherent and vasolates from topic to topic. His illiteracy of the law and the understanding of medical records is incomprehensible. To address him as " Your Honor" is a joke.The Uninted States government should spare the disabled society ,and dismiss him of his position.They say ignorance of the law is no excuse. So based on that premise, Roberto gets a pass, because being a moron is not against the law

Judge: Gerardo R Pico
11/15/2012 6:46:47 AM

Very Honest!!!! Gets to the truth looking at all the facts! God Bless Him!

Judge: Roberto Lebron
11/5/2012 9:42:15 PM

I went in front of this judge and he was very abusive. He stated that my medical condition wasn't that severe even after multiple surgeries. He further stated or refused to look at my medical evidence. No one has a chance with this gentlement. Mr. Lebron is an embarestment for the social security administration. I give this man 00000000000000000 stars.

Judge: Milagros Farnes
10/20/2012 2:01:44 AM

She was a very pleasant lady and judge. I had my hearing October 3 2012, and 9 days later received my fully favorable letter from her.

Judge: Milagros Farnes
10/10/2012 1:16:58 PM

A very fine ad conscientious ALJ. She will give you a decent chance. No tricks or traps and straight forward. What more could you ask for?

Judge: Roberto Lebron
9/9/2012 12:58:28 PM

The statistics on allowances and denials by this judge are indeed most curious. In Puerto Rico, he granted benefits in the vast majority of cases, and he issued decisions in a similar manner when he first came to White Plains. By contrast, he now denies benefits in more than twice as many cases as he allows them. This radical change, in so short a period, is hardly compatible with a picture of a fair, knowledgeable and independent judge.

Judge: Roberto Lebron
7/18/2012 4:59:22 AM

It's astonishing that this judge "Lebron" had a favorable rating of approving cases in San Juan at 82% in 2010 supporting his fellow Puerto Ricans with very few denials. Since he has been in White Plains from late 2010 to 2012, he has overwelmingly denied cases and has only approved 25% as of 2012. This judge should retire! He is very undecisive and was "all over the place" during testomony with a report that was documented in the same manner by him and not true. I feel that this is a form of prejudice by him with his statistics to prove it. Retire Lebron and stay in San Juan!

Judge: Maria Alexander Nunez
7/3/2012 2:51:58 PM

You can always tell an expert! Thanks for contritbuing.

Judge: Curtis Axelsen
7/3/2012 12:46:43 PM

This atricle went ahead and made my day.

Judge: Curtis Axelsen
6/8/2012 10:28:00 AM

Professionalism at its best. Outstanding knowledge of the law, soft temparent and helpful.