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  1. Sallie Welsch says:

    I think judge Michel was very fair and very understanding. He told me from the very beginning if I needed to get up and move he would understand. And said he had all day to take my time if i had to move. Yes he is an elderly but he isn’t to old he can’t make legitimate decisions on social security decisions. However Social security office needs to listen to his decisions and follow them. He awarded me as of 4/12 and SSOnly paid 6mos. In 2014/Nov. I realize they hold first 6 months.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This judge is unfair. I was denied my disability on issues that I didnt apply for disability on. Once I received my denial letter, he didnt address any issues concerning my health. I was told by my law firm that he dont like to give people their disability under the age of 50. Its mine,,, I worked for it!!!!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure if it is simply that he is too old or not. But, he is a mean hateful man that unfortuately is an admiistrative law judge. Maybe he got picked on a lot when he was a kid about 90 years ago.

  4. Richie Gambino says:

    Made comments about movie the Godfather to attorney with an Italian client. Refused to have video hearing because 1696 was not on file and satelllite SSA office would not allow them to use fax machine. However, they do have a fax machine that was available but he refused us to submit 1696. Said we could “mail it in.” He needs to retire. Very mean man.

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