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  1. F-ed by Markiewicz says:

    I have left 2 comments on this and they refuse to publish it. They are protecting this jerk. Its ok for him to say negative things about me but I cant say anything about him. It shows how much the are protecting this ass. He doesnt have the guts to talk to me one on one. Let me guess I can only talk to you in court so that when I say something true that you don’t want to hear, you can throw me in jail for contempt of court. Well F you Markiewicz.you big Prick. You call me a name. Yet I cant call you one in court. You are like all Federal employees. You think you have special protections. Well F- you. You are a f- ing pussy.. come talk to me at my house on my court. You won’t because you are a pussy. I’m not scared of you. You use yoir robe as a shield. Disability is a fucking sham. Only illegals and prick judges make money from this program. I pay into it for 44 yrs and have 6 surgeries yet you think Im faking my pain. Fuck you. I hope some day that you get into an accident and your back is broken. Then you will see how it feels you prick. You are not god. I brlieve in Karma. You and the Doctor at Kaiser are both due to get your Karma. I hope someone fucks your family, Like you have fucked mine. You didn’t even ask me my side of the story in court. Which shows you are neither fair nor impartial. You just keep getting bunuses for fucking people out of what they need. Don’t even try to do anything to me to shut me up. I’m the nicest person until you push me too far, lie, call me names, then fuck my family. You have done all of them to me. Also just because you are a judge does not give you the right to do it. I have the right to say anything and will

  2. Beware this judge, prepare for denial. says:

    I can agree with the fact that he was nice (the hearing was over the phone due to COVID procedures) and conceded points as others said. I’m not the person in the case, as it’s my girlfriend. She was diagnosed at the age of 5 with her physical disability. She had ssi benefits as a minor, and applied for normal benefits after turning 18. She had 15 years of medical records, going through all the things that had been tried and failed to not only cure her, but lessen the suffering to a degree where normal living was possible. This judge denied her. A system that denies someone with that much, and this is with an attorney, is obviously a bit to quick to with their judgment. Not to mention that the medical records seemed to mean nothing to him, as he stated in the letter he disagreed with her doctors. People that do stuff like this don’t deserve the positions of power they have.

  3. Cheryll says:

    I had my hearing on 02/19/2020 with Judge Markiewicz. He was kind, respectful, and pleasant. He smiled, laughed and made you feel comfortable. He spoke clearly and knew the facts of my case. I felt he listened and paid attention when I spoke. He seems to be a just and fair Judge.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Beware of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Due to the glut of cases, a person can expect an assembly line hearing from this judge. He can seem fair in his demeanor and may even concede a few points in your favor, but don’t be confused. Once the ruling comes in the mail, he’ll be revealed as another cog in an unforgiving bureaucracy whose role is to absolve Social Security of its epic follies.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I just had my hearing last week, I was so nervous walking into the room but he made me feel at ease, I believe he is a fair judge, they have a tough job at hand, considering the time they are given to make decisions, I thank him for listening to my concerns and for being very respectful

  6. Disgruntledwifeofmysufferinghusband says:

    This judge will smile, act pleasant, then deny you. He will give zero weight to your Dr, and all credibility goes to a medical expert (who’s never seen you). He also thinks someone with serious back conditions can lift, squat,bend, stoop and crawl. He will give no weight to how you suffer on a daily basis, making it impossible to work. It’s no wonder his denials are so high…..

  7. Eddie says:

    In my case, it was already decided and it was in my favor, but when he wanted to see my medical file to check on some notes, it was not in the hearing to begin with, and he postponed a month for the file to be ordered for a decision in the following month. It has been going for almost (4) without any results. My attorney fault for not being prepared at the hearing.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Even if he denies my case, I feel that he was a fair judge. He took the time to listen to what you had to say, and like everyone says, he allows you to make an opening and ending statement, which I feel like I should have done, but I had my attorney with me. You can’t take his decision personally, even if this site says that he denies most of his cases, his job is on a level that many of us will never understand. The system works slow, but it does work.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He is very nice, calm and pleasant in the court room, but has no clue how to make a descision! He contradicted him self in my denial letter, stating I was extremely symptomatic when in hot environments, and is unable to stay standing for longer than 10 mins. THen he says the job I can do is a Parking lot attendant. Come on man it is 115 degrees in arizona how can I be a prking lot attendant! No CLue!!!!! I have now started a new claim and am already on my redecision. THey said they have to uphold his decision. Hello

  10. Anonymous says:

    He is nice at the hearings but it looks denies a lot of his cases. He will allow you to make and opening/closing.

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