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  1. aderinola hien osifeso says:

    NOTICE!! You are served

  2. John says:


  3. Still F- - - ed by Bald Markiewitz says:

    Hey you pedophile Markiewitz. You still use a dildo to try to please your your wife? It’s hard for you to get it up when your wife laughs when you open your robe. You are such a pussy.. you know that you wouldn’t be so bald if you hadn’t jacked off so much as a kid. That’s also the reason why you are so blind. Does it make you feel like a stud when you turn someone down because they have hair and you don’t.. you proved how much of a pussy you were when you didn’t want to listen to my side of the story. You think that someone who has had 6 back surgeries is faking just because
    You wife fakes it with you. As you can tell I don’t care what I say to you and what I say about your stupid ass. I proposed taking a lie detector test to prove I wasn’t lying and that you and the prick doctor from Kaiser were. But you refused which proves that you are the lying prick that you are. You are neither fair nor impartial.Why else would you turn it down uou white slime gobbler. You have fucked my family so I’m going to see to it everyone knows how much of a bald ass looser you are. I think I should drive by the offices and write
    All over my motor home how much of a slime gobbler you are. Does your wife know how. much you fuck people with back problems and that you do not believe anyone with back problems are telling the truth. Why is that. Is that the excuse your wife and boyfriend use to not let you do anything with them. .or is it the size of your Johnston you prick.. its a good thing it doesn’t hurt my back to write true stuff about you. It also does not hurt my index finger. Or my middle one for that matter. You need to pull your head out of your ass and your boy friends. How much do your children know about how you are. I hope your not fucking them like you fucked my family. I guess everything you say must be correct because most people who fake about back problems have had 6 surgeries and need 2 more. I mean because it is cheap to get back surgery and We all love the feeling of being bionic when we have spinal chord stimulators installed in our hips. But of course I know the real reason why you turn people down that need it. Because you get a bonus for doing it. I guess the $218,000 salary and the 2 story house on the hill in Dia. ( Oops almost said it. ) s not enough. I don’t want people guessing where you live just because I did. Actually I know people in high places that can find (ok I have to learn to shut up., just like you ) anyway I hope I’m pissing you off because I would hate to think I’m drinking all this alcohol to deaden the pain and not also pissing you off.because I have no money to go to the doctor any more thanks to your stupid ass.
    Well I need to go practice using my index finger.. oops I mean my middle finger. Look for my motirhome with all the writing on it. Oops forgot you don’t know how to read. Please leave your dog and the children alone. I hope you like cat shit. I was thinking about dropping some off. That way your office smells better. You need to take a shower.. I know you think you will not loose any more hair if you don’t take a shower but you stink. Your bald head also makes you look shorter but you really should stop acting tough with your short man’s disease. I’d tell you to call me but I
    know you are chicken shit and you know I’m right about all I’ve said. Don’t you wish you would have asked for my side of the story and not called me names. Especially when what you said is wrong. I hope you get into an accident and break your back and they turn you down for disability. But remember stop using your tweezers while driving, they might see your little smokey if you get into an accident and you wouldn’t want everyone laughing at you again.
    By the way your dumb ass boss can shove this up his ass to. I admitted he didn’t read the letter I sent because he loves you and is probably guzzling you very much. You federal judges think you are all that. But even with a bad back I’m smarter than your dumb asses any day. Don’t you just love Freedom of speech. That and the 2nd amendment are the best. Oops I did it again! By the way we know the good reviews are fake you dumb fuck. You can’t write your own reviews.

  4. John says:

    This Judge is corrupt and all lies will eventually come to light

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