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  1. Christine veitch says:

    This message is directed to sir judge Levine. My name is Christine Veitch. My address is 72 forest drive, East Northport, ny. Judge Levine was grateful enough to hear my appeal over teleconference from his offices to central i slip on March 4, 2020. My lawyer informed me at that time that a decision should be made in about 5 weeks. Unfortunately this country (and the world) faced a horrible pandemic that stole lives and I’m certain explains the delay. Judge Levine, over the course of these months I have prayed for a positive outcome but have expressed gratitude that I still have a chance. I do have extenuating circumstances as my live in companion has made it so very difficult to make real progress in therapy due to constant verbal beating …if I do make progress, he senses it and makes certain to take any perceived control back and negate any growth I may have made. Am I still waiting for an answer? I am begging for one so that I can find a room elsewhere and maybe establish some sense of self.

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