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  1. Carla Denise Tilden says:

    This man was the most insensitive man I have ever had to deal with.

  2. Kent ivan Davis says:

    Alexander weir lii is a kkk red robe and hood wearing racist at night, for black robe in the day. He kills blacks for a living, sends black to the grave in his court room. Zebras can’t change stripes on his skin and he change that he’s a racist and a killer of blacks. Look at cases and see how many of denied and dismiss are blacks. He has no business being on the court.

  3. C-Los says:

    This judge denied my claim of past things i could of done in 2011 but my health went under also that i worked when i showed him proof a police report from Lapd and a letter from Social Security office saying someone used my social and they did not count those earnings i was a victim of id theft. I live in l.a and someone worked in Minnesota the same time i was being seen by my doctors.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A very insensitive person.

  5. Anonymous says:

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