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  1. Anonymous says:

    very nice man very honest

  2. Lauren Williams says:

    He treated me and my 16yr old disabled son with kindness and made us feel at ease. He had patience and understanding that my son is autistic and has no filter and rocks A LOT. He listened and asked questions and wanted to get a true understanding of what we went through on a daily basis with my son.

  3. Tina says:

    I also have not recieved my letter of decision in the mail yet. Judge Smith made me feel very at ease, the anxiety level went down the longer he spoke to me, I felt like I could trust him more than my own attorney at the time. Judge Smith is a real person, like one you would have sitting in front of your tv with you at home. Good luck, if you are reading this you are probably worried about your appearance date in front of him, it will be fine as long as you are legitimate and honest.

  4. Kiley says:

    I have yet to receive my decision in the mail on my case, so this is an impartial review. Judge Smith seemed like a very professional, compassionate and caring person and even though I cried through most of my testimony and had to tell him about some of the more embarrassing truths about my disability, he made me feel at ease. He seemed like a good person. I would say say IF you find yourself in front of Judge Smoth, count yourself lucky 🙂

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