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  1. nunya says:

    this judge is a failure of the system, she purposefully and literally took events out of chronological order in order to deny, also stating my doctors were not doctors. How can an event in the past where i was better than an event long after be used to justify i was getting better, example “you were ok back then so you should be fine now”. the entire system is rigged to keep people suffering so they will die or kill themselves. 8 years later and still fighting. pathetically sad. and there are no consequences to these judges and no accountability for their actions. also discriminated against me due to age.

  2. Michelle says:

    I know we had a conflict of interest as my corrupt attorneys Rotstein and Shiffman admitted it. They all knew but me . They refused evidence submission and maliciously refused to get my medical evidence though I signed releases and I begged and cried. I got denied after I turned her in for discrimination the next business day. Coincidence? Nope . I know she’s related to my ex and his father Chris and attorney Eric Schweitzer and they have worked together on many cases in the same town . I could be wrong but I’m fairly sure she was also retired and deceased when I had my fake hearing April 26, 2021. I’m exercising my FOIA , I will find out about the organized white crime. This was an elaborate scheme because my son and I are the beneficiaries of class action law suits and they were dragging it out long enough to collect those awards and say I abandoned them while writing new rules and regulations to final rule against me ever being able to claim what’s rightfully ours to claim. The malicious misconduct is judicial misconduct and embezzlement and criminal conspiracy. They are the hospitals shareholders and call themselves JDs and lobby against the vulnerable . They predetermine your outcome based on socioeconomics. She resigned in California when I reported it on another site said she retired last year. On here reports her 2010 fiscal year. Why not 2021 while she was practicing from the grave ? I’m sure you have good chances of winning your claim as long as MKN and ADP do not represent the corporate financial institutions that are hiding your benefits under bank secrecy. Be careful what you sign as they will use mental health against you and collect your benefits as rep payee and you will never even know they took your benefits the years your claim was dragged out and possibly before you even applied , they will deem you an incompetent adult and never tell you , put you on Medicare though you are in your 40s and though there’s open notes laws to protect you and the OCR they still abuse the power and deny you your civil rights and say they are justifiably prejudiced against you. Then your healthcare , SSA, and courts redirect your funds and you never even have a clue that they did this malice towards you and your family. That’s because they put your benefits in their trust accounts after buying them secretively when your chance to claim ends which is right about when you’re denied by the appeals council and can’t get legal representation so you go to legal aid and they will only do medical legal partnership meaning they will take all of your claim and divide amongst themselves and leave you with nothing so you can’t civil suit because you are destitute and devestated and your health declined rapidly especially your mental health because you trust your doctor’s and attorneys with your life. Your quality of life is non existent after the PTSD and social phobia of this abuse kicks in . Then you can’t trust another living soul because the heinous criminal intent towards you scars you for life. Very awful hideous hate crimes. I feel for all of you as only a few will make it and get what they are entitled to .

  3. Smama says:

    I have multiple conditions that keep me from working. One is IC. Painful bladder syndrome. When I had found out I was having a women judge I was relived. I thought I can explain to her and she will understand. Boy was I wrong. So of course she denied me. Federal courts didn’t agree with her thank goodness so I got a remand. The system is so broke. Now let’s see what happens with the remand.

  4. Michelle says:

    How is this updated a month from now ? I’m not saying much but I think shes like 80 , she went to school in 1960. I have no doubt she was probably great but I don’t believe she is still practicing . I can’t prove it because I didn’t see her but that’s what linked in says. And how is the updated a month from now ? Makes no sense. All I can say is check your judges they may nor be who they say they are

  5. steve kerr says:

    Very nice lady. Seemed generally concered about overall conditions. and everbodys best interest. Honored to have her preside over my trial , and thankful…..

  6. Recent says:

    I was very impressed with her I have to applauded her for the hard work that goes into making her decision and all the evidence and notes and laws she has to deal with daily weeding out the fraud from real hurt people hard job done well kudos

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe Judge Alice Jordan is very thourgh in her decisions with reviewing all information provided. There should be more Judges like her so people with REAL disabilities are approved & not the addicts & people that pretend they are disabled that is what makes it so hardfor the true ddisabled people to get approved. Judge Jordan has a great sense of judgment to sort these people out.

  8. An observer. says:

    Not fair. Does not read or review all of the evidence presented or is not smart enough to properly evaluate it.

  9. diabled says:

    Needs to read all evidence in order to give an informed ruling.

  10. Advocate says:

    Sensible and fair. She doesn’t much like cases involving drugs and alcohol but she won’t deny just because your client is a lush. She’s well-versed in the Rulings and Regulations and likes to see a pre-hearing brief.

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