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  1. Tony says:

    Yep, same thing, I just had him and he asked if he would start a laundry mat, and I’m telling him I can’t load a washer? Somehow the guy thinks I can still work on tugboats in alaska even though the coast guard pulled my license do the the CFRs, which he should know quite well. He really became a dick when I brought those up. He doesn’t like it if you know something he doesn’t, also help my report I received today is wrong, things I didn’t say ect, he even went after my doctor’s? What a pile.

  2. Mike says:

    I had him for my hearing in dec. this has been going on for five years now. At the hearing he seemed really nice he said I definitely qualify for disability he was gonna come up with a monetary amount and I should be good to go. Then I receive a letter saying he denied me again. He said I can still clean offices for work if I needed to. First off that’s impossible. Between my injuries and copd there’s no way I could do that. This guy is a lying asshole. If you get him you may as well cancel your hearing. He acts like it’s his money he’s giving out. I pray one day he ends up in my situation and he has some jerk off judge pull the same shit on him.

  3. Me says:

    I saw him in November 2016. He is a rude bully! He asked me questions but then he answers them with his assumptions. He denied me, saying he chooses to not believe the 9 different experts, including the 3rd party expert in the court room. I’m not sure why he thinks he knows more than the educated doctors. I think he enjoys playing God over people’s lives. Don’t expect him to approve your disability, no matter how much evidence you have. I can only pray that Karma teaches him a valuable lesson one day…

  4. Anonymous says:

    My experience with Judge Erickson was very similar to Eric B.’s comments dated 3/9/2015. He was understanding, sarcastic, and intimidating, all in one hearing. In the unfavorable decision, he places more weight on the less significant details of your medical records, and less weight on the proof that SHOULD get you approved. A lawyer recently said to me, ‘he denies just about everything.’

    The SSA needs to revamp its process for case reviews, because it is a violation of due process to allow judges such an extreme amount of discretion in their decisions. Our lives should not depend on the ‘luck of the draw’ in being assigned to a judge. There are laws and guidelines that should be followed.

  5. Eric B says:

    This judge is full of crap and will deny you. In my wifes meeting with him, the vocational expert and the Judge himself said there was no type of work my wife had done in the past that she could perform now. But when the “official” report the judge wrote came back it states they both said she could. They say things in the meeting that make you feel good and that you will win, but that is not the case. The judge even put things in like asthma that my wife has ever said anything about in the report. He also basically called my wife a drug seeker and an addict.

  6. Donna says:

    I have not yet had the privilege of meeting Judge Erickson, but I am scheduled for my hearing tomorrow morning. Since I didn’t see any comments on here, I decided to post and comment that my attorney’s office has told me that Judge Erickson is extremely fair and knowledgeable. He apparently has a reputation for taking time to listen to and read all the evidence. I’m not worried so much about the hearing as I trust that he will be fair, what I’m concerned about is making the one hour drive to the courthouse and struggling with using medical supplies in front of people.(I just pray I won’t have to!) When I stumble in front of people it’s very embarrassing, so I just have to remind myself that the people in the courtroom will know why I’m struggling and it’ll be okay.
    I will most definitely come back and post a follow-up comment tomorrow, since I believe that if I came in here wanting to see feedback, I’m sure others will as well. Note: I’m giving the 5 stars based on what I have heard, since I won’t meet him myself until tomorrow. Thanks for understanding.

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