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  1. Rachel Shovel says:

    Judge Alma S de Leon was prepared prior to my hearing. Mostly she confirmed with me the facts provided in my file. She asked me direct questions, there was no confusion understanding h All I could do is be honest and it was ok not to fight back my tears. The attorney ahead of time said she was a great judge, and I know now what they meant. She made eye contact and her tone was strong yet gentle to the words we exchanged. My attorney enabled me the strength to stay in the moment. All in the courtroom with me made a painful, embarrassing and emotional moment a safe haven to speak of my disabilities. The first thing I remember walking out of the courtroom: VALIDATION at last , second to when my attorney accepted my case.
    Currently i am waiting for a written decision. As so many are before me, may God bless them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Judge De Leon was very professional. She asked a lot of questions and was very understanding and listened attentively to all of my answers. she was extremely thorough and made sure that anything that myself or my attorney had to say was also heard. this was my first and only experience before a judge of any kind and she was everything you would want a judge to be. You can count yourself lucky if she hears your case because you will get a fair hearing.

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