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  1. Alphonso Watson says:

    Oooh, dat ass doh. You done gots it rite, Bill Smithson!!

  2. Bill Smithson says:

    She’s so smoking hot in that robe. I could smile at her for days.

  3. Wayne Brissey says:

    In my eyes there will never be a better Judge than The Hon. Amanda Craven and few people can meet her standards I’m sure someday she will have a front row seat beside Jesus Christ thank you Amanda Craven you are truly a saint.

  4. Alan says:

    She deemed my case unfairly. This whole appeals process is biased. She has No justice or honor. I will personally sue her.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Mrs Amanda Craven is fair trustworthy blessed and real she passionate about her work she’s awesome great judge of character and understanding of people and what they go threw one of a kind me and my family thank God for her

  6. Angela Pinkney says:

    To the Honorable Judge Amanda Craven, Thank you for the disposition in my situation. I risked my life every minute of everyday that I went to work, I appreciate you and your fairness. I Pray continued peace and blessings upon your life. You were very fair and professional in your proceedings. Once again, Thank you maam

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