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  1. My son was just denied SS benefits by Judge Amber Downs. Of course she can sleep at night by only approving benefits for 23% of claimants…she makes nearly $150,000 per year to sit in judgment of our disabled population. It doesn’t matter how many SS potential claimants she approves or disapproves – she still makes nearly $150,000 per year. Our government is taking on the financial burden of millions of illegal aliens. We taxpayers are providing to these illegal aliens who cross our borders illegally for their food, clothing, lodging, medical care, education, etc. Yet, Judge Downs is denying America’s own disabled population who are living in our streets, starving, self medicating on illegal street drugs, and ultimately dying because of lack of care. If it weren’t for their family’s help, these disabled folks would have no help whatsoever.
    Shame on Judge Downs for giving the appearance that she denies the basics of life sustenance to as many as she can! For what, Judge Downs…so you can make more money for turning down our nation’s sick and disabled? What she fails to realize is that most disabled folks do not like that label and would not be asking for help from our government unless they felt like it was all they could do to keep on existing. What Judge Downs has failed to do is review the suicide rate of our homeless and disabled folks who gave up on trying to exist in a society that just plain doesn’t give a damn about them.
    So, now I will have to continue to provide for my 46 year old, clearly disabled son. I live on retirement income and am 74 years old. My biological timeclock keeps ticking – what will happen to my son when I am no longer here on this earth?
    And, oh yes, my son is truly disabled and has been since the age of 12 when he was hit by a small truck. He suffered a traumatic brain injury, ruptured spleen, lung damage, and a broken in half left femur. He has seizures, terrible tremors in his hands, walks with an obvious limp, and has been beat up and made fun of and bullied. He was diagnosed at 13 years old with a bipolar disorder. The bipolar disorder is a life long mental illness. I wonder at how many of our judges have a degree in psychology so that they can even know the devastating effects of a mental illness. Do they realize most folks diagnosed with a mental illness will refuse to take their prescription medication and self medicate with street drugs? Are they aware that most mentally ill folks are ashamed and embarassed because of their mental illness diagnosis? It has taken 34 years for my son to finally admit his illness…and now he is denied the SS help he needs for the rest of his life? What a travesty. What a misguided and misued power decisiob and judment from Amber Downs!
    Because I am a Christian, I will pray and forgive Judge Amber Downs for denying the help my son so desperately needed. May God have mercy on her, my son, and myself.

  2. Ternita Young says:

    Ms Young”🤧
    I’m sorry Ms Amber Down”😊
    But I had a lot of incorrect words that I misspell ma’am. Sorry”😟

  3. Ternita Young says:

    Sorry Ms Down Ma’am, my spelling is a little incorrect. again sorry ma’am”🤓 Ms Young”🤧

  4. Ternita Young says:

    Ms Young”😇
    And I Still Love Ms Amber Down,
    It’s Your Job Doo Ma’am.
    But Here It Is My Second Time
    You Bing My Judge Ma’am,
    2021 And Now 2022 And Both
    Times Denied} Question – Ma’am? My Situation Right Now Just Getting Worse Ma’am And It Do Feel Good I’m Still Fighting It Run About Naturally You Want A Month And
    A Half To Two Months Sometimes
    And One Thing I Realize That My Body Is Not Your Body I’m 24 Years old, And Have A Long Life Ahead Of Me.. Again And TY} My Judge Ms Amber Down”👁,

  5. I was just denied on my appeal from Judge Downs. I have letters from my doctors saying I can not work and the vocational advocate also agreed there is no jobs I can do yet I was still denied. My question to Judge Downs is ok, so now what? What am I supposed to do if I can no longer work? You Ma’am failed me. I will write my senators and congressman and this is not the last she will hear from me.

  6. Susan says:

    Angry Veteran, I agree with you 100%. I’m in the same situation.

  7. Amparo Hernandez says:

    Going on 4 yrs now! Was denied on Oct 2019. Now waiting for my appeal. Sometimes it gets to me about how Judges can make be able to make decisions on our lives like they do. I mean its money that i have worked all my life and I should get because I worked since I was 17. My last job I had was for 8 yrs. I couldnt do any more cuz of many health issues. And its not so much about the back pay its about how I can see Drs and get me some medical asstiant my right shouder needs surgery so does my back! If it wasnt for my family I would of already left this painful world! all these Judges dnt relize that some of us are really disabied smh! Hopefully they never get to that point that they cant work because Krama will be coming around for them

  8. Young says:

    Even though I feel judge Gonzalo Vallecillo was unsympathetic I too did not fully participate. I have been stressed during this entire 4 year-long process. Due to my fear, I did not speak up for myself. I was deathly afraid and I did not provide full explanations, speak up, or tell the judge about my new medical issues. When asked about my knee that I KNEW was not in my medical records (trick question) I did not speak up about it not being in my records. I have many pains throughout my body but none of them trump my back pain so I don’t complain or talk about them. The information he made the decision on is nearly two years old. I have an MRI that proves everything including a torn rotator cuff that was not considered in the hearing because I only sought help late 2017 after the pain was no becoming unbearable (one year after my original documents were sent to disability). My issues are 4 bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, bone spurs, sciatica, SI joint dysfunction, and major depression/bipolar.

    So I feel he made his decision based on the information presented. I was very intimidated and scared.

  9. Immanuel Yulee says:

    I would like to thank God first for this long-suffering struggle I have been dealing with for almost a decade. And also I will like to thank Ms. Judge Amber Downs for allowing me to bring my case before her as she took time to study making the decision that can help me and my family. She gave me a chance to explain my situation along with my records that provided all my medical information. Ms. Downs thank you so much for your time and your rule on my case I believe you were truly understanding and fair judge.

  10. Angry Veteran says:

    100 percent disabled veteran who went in front of Mrs. Downs. After the hearing she is attempting to enter an opinion that goes against everything my files show in attempt to deny me benefits. The fact she is entering this after the hearing so my lawyer can not cross examine this random expert shows how sneaky she is. Looking at her numbers she approves close to the least amount of people in both states that she operates. According to the law ALJ judges are suppose to give great weight to VA disability findings. Instead, she is looking for any way to deny me. I have been in contact with state legislators who are investigating the matter. It is a sad world when a veteran risks their life for a country and returns a shell of what they once were only to have to fight for a judge to believe in an already VA determined 100 percent disability. This needs to change and I will help change this law. We need new laws to support our wounded veterans and ALJ judges need to be held accountable for going against the SSDI veteran laws. This practice is a disgrace on veterans. What she did in my opinion is a disgrace and I am glad the state is looking into this matter to help other veterans in the future. We deserve better. Good luck to anyone seeing this judge who is a veteran..you have an uphill battle.

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