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  1. Anonymous says:

    My friend has been waiting six months (Yes, that is *6* MONTHS) to get his response! His attorney did not file all the necessary paperwork with the initial application otherwise I believe it would never have needed a hearing but the longer it takes for a client to get approved, the more money the attorney makes since they work off a percentage of the amount awarded. He waited 6 months to get his hearing and is now waiting 6 months, and counting, to get a ruling.
    The Judge ended her call with “I’ll review everything and make a decision as quick as possible.” Really?? There is nothing to think this about. Years of medical records were submitted. Years of inability to work, at times laying in bed in a diaper, with no INCOME!! He is clearly disabled without any questions. He has a condition that causes early death . The State of Georgia issued him a low THC card and he has a handicap plate for years!! He cannot receive Medicaid while he has an open disability case so he has not been able to get the proper medical treatment he needs since he does not have money to pay for medical care. Would Judge Uren be ok if she or one of her loved ones was being treated like this? Probably not!

  2. Tabatha walker says:

    I don’t recommend her

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge Uren was a pleasant professional person. She listened to my claimaints clearly and attentively. I was not represented because my attorney withdrew months before the hearing so I represented myself to the best of my ability. Unfortunately I was denied again. In 2013 I had a microdiskectomy and a year later my condition worsened. This year in March I had a Lumbar Fusion with steel rods and screws now in my back. Before the surgery I had to do therapy for my neck also because I was and still is experiencing severe arms pain including numbness all the way down in my fingers. I failed therapy because it did not help. After the Fusion I had minor pain with my neck and arms but for the past three months the pain has returned. My back has began to hurt more middle and lower and pain generating down right leg severely. I cant sleep well stand or sit long or wallk long without hurting. My daily activity is limited completely. I am currently waiting for another hearing because I appealed Judge Urens decision. I pray for better results this time around because I have been denied four times. My occupation was a Certified Nursing Assistant of seventeen years. I am not able to work anymore and pray for a decision in my favor this time.

  4. M. Geldreich says:

    She is a pleasant person but I am still waiting on a decision nearly 90 days after my hearing.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by her care and concern for my client. She was knowledgeable and familiar with the record. She was courteous to myself and my client.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, I haven’t recieved my decision yet, but I pray that God leads her to rule the right way! Thanks for the information, but I will stay prayed up!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Utterly unreasonable. Don’t be fooled by a pleasant working demeanor. Your claim will be denied unless you are rolled into the hearing room on a stretcher. She will pull any small thing out of the record and weave it into a reason to deny a claim. As evidence of her toughness, her pay rate has declined from around 50/50 to 37%. Well qualified individuals are being denied by ALJ Uren. Plan on appealing her decision, every time.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Uren is tough, and I have to appeal her decisions regularly, for she is far too willing to elevate State Agency doctor opinions above the opinions given by primary treating docs.

    On the positive side, however, Judge Uren is courteous and patient, and will afford your claimant all the time needed to present the entire case. She is thorough in her questioning as well. I rate her at four stars because she is professional and a delight to deal with. She’d get five if she would pay out claims at a slightly better rate!

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