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  1. Anonymous says:

    To whom it may concern,

    In my Herat of hearts I believe the judge did not take the time to see the BIG PICTURE. I’m in need and feeling hopeless and helpless. Back in April 2014 was my first denial. Then another, then I went before the judge. That time I had a lawyer that I never spoke with or had any communication till 5 minutes before my hearing. I went in and then another denial. My denial said because I was seeing a PA instead of a DR that a PA are not qualified enough and many more things. I have PTSD due to being beaten and molested starting at age 4. I have flashbacks all the time. I have severe depression and it’s hard to leave my house, she also gave no weight to my therapist saying how bad of shape I’m in and can’t work. In 2013 is when I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. From then I tried to work another full year, in which I had to quit due to my pain, and my depression. Then I was diagnosed with very high bp, high cholesterol, gout, carpal tunnel and arthritis in my hands which makes it so I can’t open or carry anything. If we leave the house I need to take an electric scooter because I can only walk for a few minutes. At home I need to put my feet above heart level several times a day due to all my swelling. How could I possibly work when I need to do this? Not to mention if I have to type or text I can only do it with one finger. I am now considered to be morbidly obese because I can barely walk due to the fibromyalgia, and my hypothyroidism. I can only sit or stand for just a few minutes st a time. Because I can’t work and I don’t have any money from disability, my pain has worsened and I continue to gain weight. I have gone from about 20 pills a day to about 4 because I have no money. I have been through repeated withdrawals. And to add to all of this I now have diabetes. So my day consist of laying around in pain and crying. Since I had to leave my job I’ve lost my car, I’ve come close to losing my house several times. We’ve had to max out credit cards for food and my meds. I would prefer to be working and making money instead of fighting like crazy trying to get a disability check of a big whopping $430 a month. I couldn’t in a million years know a person that would quit their job to sit at home for that amount. My work credits are going to expire and I don’t have time to start all over. My case in at the appeals council for review. I did qualify for them to expedite my case, however that’s not gonna help me and my family if I get another denial. I need help, we need help. So many people deserve it and are denied. From what I read my judge denies most of her cases. I am in support groups for fibromyalgia. I’ve met many women who were approved with just fibromyalgia with seeing a PA and having no other diagnosis. And we’re approved in the same building I was denied. How can cases be on a pick and choose basis? I have no more fight left in me. After my denial by the judge, I was close to suicide. I’m not sure how I can handle another denial. I’m hurting and I’m desperate. I can’t even afford to see my PA anymore. Someone has got to please look over my case and to be a little more human when they are reviewing a case. Not everyone is looking to screw the system and live off of a few bucks. When my credits expire I’m done I can’t do anything else. This appeal is my last chance. I just can’t keep being a burden to my husband and my adult kids. I just don’t know what else to say but please help me. I’ve sent letters to my congressman and to the mayors office, the governor, and to the Division of Disability Determination. I know there are tons of cases waiting to be reviewed, I’m not better or more deserving, im just a person in a lot of pain who’s work credits are going to expire. I need a miracle! A fully favorable decision. Can’t someone somewhere help???
    Like maybe my denial judge..
    Angela L Neel

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Desperately yours,
    N S

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  2. Anonymous says:

    My family and I had a difficult time with the SSA process and procedures. Judge Neel was patient and helpful. Judge Neel ultimately saved a great deal of time for our family while following proper procedures. She was a guiding light that is a great asset to the SSA. Thanks Judge!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Judge was very fair. I was helping my father with the very arduous task of navigating the world of SSA. Judge gave a great deal of help. She was fair, ethical and ultimately had great impact with our family situation. I’m glad my tax dollars are going towards this caliber of administration.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The worse judge yet. Look at her ranks. End of story

  5. Steven S says:

    I went before Judge Neel in April of 2015 in Tampa. I had a very high-paying career but unfortunately I have been unable to work since March of 2011. My medical bills are frequent and high, and I am on or have been on nearly a dozen medications. Some days it is a severe struggle just to exist.

    I was rapidly losing hope of receiving the assistance I need. When I received the notification of my hearing and that I was going before Judge Neel, I knew almost nothing about her except her record. In person I found Judge Neel to be extremely attentive, very compassionate, truly fair, and she seemed genuinely interested in my well-being. She told me that she wanted me to take proper care of myself and to improve my eating habits and to try and find a way to get in some exercise: all very excellent advice.

    Judge Neel clearly takes her position as a guardian of the SSDI trust very seriously, and I was extremely gratified that she issued a fully favorable ruling in my case. Judge Neel may not realize it, but because of her compassion for my disabilities and her willingness to help me, she is not only helping me to manage my issues, but she is helping the tremendous burden that my condition places on my family.

    Thank you, Judge Neel.

  6. German Jr Quiñones Mercado says:

    Thank you judge very considerate of you i think in a future the medical disability and regular social security go a find a judicial balance find a benefit monitor system and a govrment cumpliment for file all debt benefit and work in a work and handicap person and is a great balance constitutional service Federal and a Human rigth for a people like me life situations diferent all days and this irs tax service evaluation beside social security system go protect a person if all days politic trade change a Federal Goverment in dificulty process i know in my case you go find a serious anticorruption process and a special investigstion alternative for benefit América and present a true of a benefit and eliminate a danger metod of a true evaluation handicap situation is not a finish and in this moment we have future sincerily for continue for service a World and usa and equal rigths and recive just benefits for a situation provocate i stay in disability and other joke i explain my word in my case i trust your and me amd whithe house obtain a legal and greate Federal funds for social security buisness in usa and a World thank for your capacity understand me and belive my obtion in those times

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very good at what she does. Fair.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Great ALJ. Extremely compassionate, fair and understanding.

  9. Fully favorable says:

    Don’t be discouraged about the stats posted on this website. If you have sound medical and don’t give up and pursue your case to the end . Judge Neel is a fair judge.

  10. T says:

    Judge Neel is a fair judge. She approved my claim. Don’t be discouraged by these numbers posted on his website.

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