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  1. Gary Baker says:

    My lawyer totally misrepresented me. He had none of the specialist paper work , had no history of my case. And I hired this firm do to the yrs of experience they claimed to of had.never even had a closing argument..and looked like he was fresh out of high school.it was like i was reading the first time I was denied . She had nothing more to go on. and I’m really sorry he wasted her time my time all involved for that matter. I’m lost on what to do at the point. I’ve got surgery coming up for ankles followed by back surgery. I’m sending in an apology letter and the much needed information the judge needs on my behalf. Gonna ask firm to withdraw and waive there fees from my case. I can’t do any worse on my own than what they’ve already done . Do be aware as to whom you are hiring.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have been fighting for my ssi and disability since 2011 I be in pain all day everyday for me to get denied it’s overwhelming. She was nice but with lumbar spinal stenosis pinched nerve herniated disc bulging disc PTSD anxiety. I can’t stand sit bend or walk without being in pain it’s terrible. I will appeal it.

  3. Edwin Frierson says:

    I was seen today Dec 21st, The judge was very professional, courteous and patience with me, not overbearing or insensitive I will accept the decision she makes in my case,I feel she will be fair

  4. John Smith says:

    I saw the judge on my case a month ago and she was fair and to the point and very professional, regardless of the decision I believe she will be fair and impartial

  5. Corinna wallace says:

    Judge PIETRANGELO heard my case last week. Unaware of my outcome, however she was very clearly on her expectations, how the proceedings were going to happen, and what you expect. She was very thorough in my case notes, documents and questioning. The interactions between her and my attorney were very professional as well as the VE.
    I believe she is very fair and respectful. Her decision will be fair and based on facts and not opinions. Im looking forward to my decision

  6. Lacquita Clark says:

    Judge: Angele Pietrangelo
    Was my Judge. I feel she listened very attentively. I Think she will be more than fair on my case. Just wanted to rate her before the decision is made to be fair by her performance. Just wish the decision writers was a little bit faster. My case was August 7th but stayed open 2 weeks so the Judge could get a medical record that had not been sent.

  7. Ron Raines says:

    My hearing was today. She was very nice polite and to the point. My impression is that she will be more than fair. I wanted to rate her today before any decisions were made as to be fair to her.

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