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  1. Anonymous says:

    Its now been 7 months since a friend of mine with PTSD and severe depression has seen this Judge and still NO ANSWER. My friend is slowly losing their self due to lack of income and finances to pay their bills. And with OK dropping funding for mental health it is getting harder and harder to get them the treatment and meds they need. Judge Hamilton please don’t try and blame your lack of speediness on so many cases are do to overload, because down in south Texas where the population is three to six times as here in Oklahoma they are getting people their rulings within 6-8 weeks. If you judge Hamilton are unable to do your job in a timely manner then you need to step down and let SS replace you with someone who can. Or is the problem that you just enjoy playing mind games with people who have mental health issues? Either way, not impressed with you at all as a judge..

  2. Anonymous says:

    A good friend of mine who is suffering from PTSD saw Judge Hamilton this past June 2017. He felt that she was nice, seamed to be concerned and he left feeling like all was good. Well 5 months have now passed by and nothing, all he gets when he calls is someone saying the Judge has yet to sign off one way or another on his case. Leaving someone with mental issues in limbo this long is not good at all. I cant believe that she is that busy that she couldn’t of signed off one way or another in five months. My friend has no income, so far he has help from others, but that is coming to an end. He is facing the strong possibility of losing everything he has and not being able to afford his medication because some judge feels its ok to take their time deciding someone else’s fate..even if she would deny it ( which there is NO REASON to ) he could get on with an appeal, but instead she is leaving him in limbo…NOT GOOD zero stars for Judge Hamilton

  3. Sheila P says:


  4. Chris says:

    After almost 5 years of trying for disability Judge Hamilton approved my case right on the spot. Of course having a good attorney was helpful. The Judges and attorneys don’t make it up as they go along. If you don’t have a valid medical condition and medical records you won’t be successful. So don’t hate the judge.
    The hatred does you no good.

  5. The Truth Hurts says:

    Whoever wrote the comment of 3-8-15 has obviously not presented very many claims to this ALJ, nor have they reviewed her record. While there is no doubt but that ALJ Hamilton is a very nice and kind lady, there is also little doubt but that she is either completely incompetent or just does not care. This is evidenced by the claims that she approves versus those she will deny.

    I have numerous examples of claims that ALJ Hamilton has denied where the evidence in the claim is much more substantial than in a claim she had approved. There appears to be little reasoning to her decisions and a complete lack of understanding of the law.

    To state that denials from this ALJ are because of some lacking “qualifications” or “documentation” is just being naive. Unless of course the “qualifications” referred to are the qualifications of this ALJ.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I initially filed in April of 2013, my hearing date was Nov. 2014. I was extremely fearful walking into the court room. When I saw Judge Hamilton, I felt a sense of calm. She didn’t look stern like I anticipated. She was up to date on my condition, she had to if read my file in detail to know the facts she knew. She allowed me to speak without feeling rushed. I got very emotional several times during the hearing and she was patient and asked if I needed a break. Judge Hamilton asked several questions regarding my diagnoses. Here’s my thoughts on the disability system…if you meet the qualifications and the documention is there from the proper people then the judge has no reason to deny. The denials are because something was lacking in either the qualifications or the documention. The negative comments left will be only from people who get denials. The positive ones will be from the people who get approvals…my opinion has never wavered…no matter what the outcome is, Judge Hamilton was kind, respectful and didn’t make me feel less than or scared. Thank you Judge Hamilton.

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