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  1. Melissa says:

    I have been fighting for 10 years to get disability. I had a tricky case. I have multiple impairments. I had a hearing in March 2023. Her decision was very thorough so I knew that Judge paschall read EVERYTHING and there was ALOT to read. Finally!! She was a very kind and fair judge. If you are filing and get rejected don’t give up. I did have to hire an attorney and they did an awesome job to make sure I had all I needed to have.

  2. Mrs byars says:

    I this judge mrs Ann Paschall on August 3/2023 phone hearing and she unfortunately she Unfavorable decision my decision I had a VE at my hearing as well that also said I couldn’t work I have a leaning Disability and a kidney problem and I have diabetes we’re I how to take shot and pills and the my diabetes mess with my eye and body and I have ADHD I still have faith that she didn’t make a favorable decision on my case I still thank god that I’m alive and still want to thank mrs Ann paschall for her decision because GOD will make a way so when you receive a decision that not right still keep faith and don’t gave up in name of Jesus

  3. Kenneth Clayton says:

    After having a successful career for twenty five years I never wanted to have to file for my disability. I lost a career that I loved but when all the employers start looking at you as a potential risk everyone of them will find a way to terminate your employment.Judge Paschall took the time to look at my case, see all the pictures and read all the documents which proved my case was based on the honest truth.
    . After seven long years of fighting for my disability with no income Judge Paschall granted me my disability last year. Thank you Judge Amy G. Paschall, Sincerely Kenneth Clayton

  4. Joyce Ann McCrackin says:

    I had my disiabled hearing on February 5, 2020 . I’m am stay waiting to see if I was approve or not. I was told that I should receive a letter thru the mail in 3 to 6 weeks . To let me know if I was approve or not. Even if am not approve I think judge Ann G. Paschall is a kind judge and know what she is doing. I think that her and my lawyer both could tell that I was nervous that day. But both told me not to be uncomfortable I was going to be ok. Even though I might not win my hearing I still approve of her as a good judge . Joyce Ann McCrackin.

  5. Gena says:

    Had my hearing June 2018 and was approved. Yes I had been waiting a long time(2 1/2 years) as all other people do. Wonderful judge. Was very compassionate. I could tell she had thoroughly reviewed my case before the hearing. Will grant a legitimate case.

  6. Mary J Hendrix says:

    I’m waiting for a decision I’ve been waiting a long time can’t do nothing without no money I put in Nov. 2016

  7. unknown says:

    I saw this judge on August 7th and had she seem compassionate to what I have been through and I have been waiting for an approval and all of a sudden she ask for a questionnaire to be filled out by an independent PH.D to review my files. Did anyone else go through this and what does it mean. I have been ill for a long time and always dreaded going to this extinct to get my disability but can’t work so I had no choice. The waiting is the worst for me.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Paschall heard my disability case. She offered to grant it immediately using the amended onset date of one year. I declined to accept that but the judge still approved it that day.and am in the fourth month of waiting with no communication. I wonder if this wait is punishment for not accepting the amended date offer.

  9. Advocate says:

    A kind, compassionate judge who’ll pay a righteous claim and won’t try and force an amended onset date. She knows her cases so be prepared and you’ll be fine.

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