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  1. Joyce Ann McCrackin says:

    I had my disiabled hearing on February 5, 2020 . I’m am stay waiting to see if I was approve or not. I was told that I should receive a letter thru the mail in 3 to 6 weeks . To let me know if I was approve or not. Even if am not approve I think judge Ann G. Paschall is a kind judge and know what she is doing. I think that her and my lawyer both could tell that I was nervous that day. But both told me not to be uncomfortable I was going to be ok. Even though I might not win my hearing I still approve of her as a good judge . Joyce Ann McCrackin.

  2. Gena says:

    Had my hearing June 2018 and was approved. Yes I had been waiting a long time(2 1/2 years) as all other people do. Wonderful judge. Was very compassionate. I could tell she had thoroughly reviewed my case before the hearing. Will grant a legitimate case.

  3. Mary J Hendrix says:

    I’m waiting for a decision I’ve been waiting a long time can’t do nothing without no money I put in Nov. 2016

  4. unknown says:

    I saw this judge on August 7th and had she seem compassionate to what I have been through and I have been waiting for an approval and all of a sudden she ask for a questionnaire to be filled out by an independent PH.D to review my files. Did anyone else go through this and what does it mean. I have been ill for a long time and always dreaded going to this extinct to get my disability but can’t work so I had no choice. The waiting is the worst for me.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Paschall heard my disability case. She offered to grant it immediately using the amended onset date of one year. I declined to accept that but the judge still approved it that day.and am in the fourth month of waiting with no communication. I wonder if this wait is punishment for not accepting the amended date offer.

  6. Advocate says:

    A kind, compassionate judge who’ll pay a righteous claim and won’t try and force an amended onset date. She knows her cases so be prepared and you’ll be fine.

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