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  1. Anonymous says:

    I truly believe that if SHE represents the the United States of America and more importantly the state of North Carolina judicial system, THE PEOPLE have truly been done an injustice and her ethics, background on her belief system and each PERSONAL case file should be examined. There is very little to none to be found about her standings, case rulings, cases, etc, to be found anywhere UNTIL she came to North Carolina and the statistics and comments that follow her rulings are very similar and unsurprisingly POOR. From her actions, unreasonable crudeness, lack of ability to actually actively listen, communicate, and articulate in a manner in which one can answer without being cut off or left feeling humiliated is SAD. This judge instead uses methods of interrogating and intimidation in order to come up with unreasonable/astonishing/uneducated/baffling findings(no rather no true justifications) based off of “pieces” of fragments from hundreds of pages of documentation about one’s life to suit her monthly quota in order to stay to stay in her position. Even though I studied Criminal Justice in college as a minor, however inherently I knew that no judge should be in a position when they have a BIASED persona. It is Impossible for one to be able to clearly look and examine a case when your point of view about certain things are already engrained in your mindset. It will consistently show a pattern of your personal characteristics, points of view, and your inward good or evil demeanor. It is shameful, non-humane, and down right DISGUSTING the way she has torn down my mother and means for her to receive the help that she needs TWICE with dumbfounding conclusions. In my opinion HER decisions about one’s life falls on death ears and SHE will nitpick and find choose one statue, a fragment of words stated from medical records that have been well documented over YEARS, and HER OPINION to state whether the many doctors, different specialists, appointments, and statements are relevant or irrelevant in “her” opinion are FACTS. Yes, she uses certain legal statues and twists a few words and their content and meaning in order to disqualify you so that she looks as good. She is well educated ornament that serves herself well so that she will look good in the “eyes that be.” She WILL will tear you down, cut you off, and do it without hesitation. SHE is a sad, vicious, ornament that has PLACED to do a specific job….DENY, DENY, DENY!!! HOWEVER, my family serves a GOD that sits HIGH and looks low. For he has the last and FINAL say…and when He makes His judgement on you and all the things you have put everyone through UNJUSTLY and just because of your title…..grab your bible and sincerely pray without ceasing. Because in the end, YOU will have to answer to Him for all that you have done and are doing and HIS words are final and everlasting. May God have mercy on your soul for the way you treated my mother after ALL the evidence you CHOSE to overlook. We will not give up as long as she has breath in her body and God on her side. For she has a loving Heavenly father and a family and friends that step in and help when needed.

  2. Blessed & Highly Favored says:

    I really feel sorry for whom ever have this judge!! She lied on me and denied me 2 times!! Any one that lives with there parent(s), she has a problem with that. She have a problem with you visiting them as well. Lied on me & said I was taking care of my parents. That was far from the truth.I shed a lot of tears behind this judge and her putting me through pure HELL!!!!! My case ended in Federal Court and I had another judge with a different Vocational Expert. July 2020, my decision was FULLY FAVORABLE!!!! 7 1/2 years, I finally won!!! No judge can stop what God has for you. She continued to ask me the same questions over and over. I felt she did that to see if my testimony would change, did not!! She was bias and that was the second thing she said to me , in which she was just that!! It caused me a lot of sleepless nights and suicidal attempt. I was in a very dark place after being denied and the long wait to get to my hearing. Depression is real!! My advice to anyone is to keep the faith and pray!! I wrote on a piece of paper & put it in my bible all the things I wanted God to do in my life, as well as my case. God showed up & out!! I’m blessed & highly favored!! I pray that this will encourage you all not to give up, but fight like never before.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I have to say that this entire process is a very emotional, draining, and saddening process. Never in my life did I think it would get to this point where I had to hire my lawyer(thank God) to speak for me, to help me, to calm me and to guide me through this unfamiliar process I also had this judge, and to be honest I do not remember most of the hearing because my anxiety was very high. However, what I do remember was seeing a judge through a glass/tv and trying to listen and answer the questions that she asked feeling hopeless ..very hopeless. I know she asked the same question several times and I don’t remember what i said or why she kept asking /rephrasing the same somewhat question. I pray she didn’t think I lied because one in their right mind would put themselves through this process if they didn’t need it. It almost makes you feel , well if the Lord will take me now my family will have my survivors benefits and that shouldn’t be the case. I never wanted to be here but in life God has a funny way of throwing curve balls. I just hope and sincerely pray that she puts herself in our shoes and imagine if it was her. Would she want to be treated with decency and respect, would she want to be pushed to the edge of your mind and physical body limitations with no hope. I have faith in God and in her that God will soften her heart and do the right and just thing for all of us. We deserve it. Our later days should be our better days…..not this. Written for my mother by her daughter…Imani.

  4. Anonymous says:

    How long did it take for this judge to make a final decision???anyone??

  5. N Davis says:

    This judge is horrible iv seen criminal judges that car more than she does!!! I mean you can not look at a person and say there’s nothing wrong with them bc every disability isn’t visible to the eye at every moment!!!!! She’s definitely judgmental as crap!!!!! Y

  6. Charlotte Aken says:

    She didn’t even bother to research my condition. She didn’t listen to me when I spoke and that was very clear by the notes in my decision. It is full of inaccurate information about my conditions, hospitalizations, or my medical history. I’m infuriated by her lack of effort as literally a simple visit to the https://rarediseases.info.nih.gov/diseases/10768/hemiplegic-migraine she would have seen how everything she didn’t understand was caused by this rare neurological condition that I have a diagnosis for. I’m going to die because she was too apathetic to research my condition or more than 4 years back in my medical history

  7. Japri says:

    She was my hearing ALJ and although I have not received a determination I think she was genuine and wanted clarification as to why I felt I am disabled. I appreciate her accepting documents I did not send in before my hearing because she didn’t have to accept them. I hope I am approved because I suffer a lot emotionally and physically.

  8. Anonymous says:

    I have known Anne-Marie Acquaah for many many years. She is extraordinarily brilliant. She is quiet and unassuming but listens with extreme intent. As a judge I believe she is as fair and reasonable as anyone could ever expect. Consider yourself lucky because she does care.

  9. Still optimistic says:

    I had Anne-Mar A Ofori-Acquaah she really didn’t ask me much and only assumed things. What she did ask made no sense cause I AM THE PATIENT not a expert. So how do I suppose to tell you in a expert way.That was the damn purpose of the lawyer.I’m not going to into anything else cause it won’t change my decision or my conditions either. So it is what it is.I’m still optimistic that things will work out for me in the future. Cause I am disabled unlike several others walking round getting checks for damn headaches..Smdh

  10. Not Broken, you made me stronger! says:

    From the time I sat down, she was hostile!! She was worried more of what she “THOUGHT” I did for my 70 year old father that has dementia. He is not handicap & can do for himself. He just has memory issues!! It was all about what she “THOUHT” I was physically helping him!! I’m not physically able to help anyone!! It’s had to do things for myself!!She is from the Fayetteville,NC office & should have stayed there! My lawyer & I were stunned by things she said in my “DENIAL DECESION”!!How can you deny a person, when there medical records speaks for itself. She has no heart or compassion for you. She kept cutting me off & not allowing me to finish what she asked me. I pray that she can sleep well at night knowing that you have done me wrong & others with lies, no heart nor compassion. I hate for whom ever has this devil in the black robe. You can expect a denial decision. Oh yea, she became a “DOCTOR” on my case as well. Long as I can breath, I will not give up, I’m a fighter. God’s got my back!!

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