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  1. Steve Bond says:

    I had Anne Sharrard for my SSDI Hearing in April 2013. Her decision was “Full Favorable”. So of coarse you’re gonna hear nothing but positive comments from me about this Wonderfully Fair and Understanding Judge. Thank You Anne. You saved my life.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I am a representative and have had 3 hearings with ALJ Sharrard. She is younger, has a very pleasant personality and is very well prepared and familiar with the file before a hearing. She will ask for an opening statement and will thoroughly question the claimant on background, past work, impairments and reasons why they person feels they cannot work. She will expect explanations of drug use, alcohol use, or criminal activity as well as any income after onset. She typically gives the VE a hypo based on sedentary or light activity and then will ask what effect being off task for 10% of the time would have on ability to hold a job. Her award rate is clearly on the conservative side. I get the impression that credibility weighs heavily in her decisions. She does a thorough job and treats everyone involved with respect and dignity.

  3. mark says:

    judge sharrard needs a lot of help with compassion I suffer from severe panic attacks manic depression, agoraphobia and in insomnia attorney said we proved our case. im so sedated I cant even drive and lay in bed most days. I had great career and she looked as if I was looking for a handout. Pray you don’t get her unless you have no arms or legs!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why does a ” Judge ” Anne Sharrard rule on my Disability ? 4 Doctors gave a deposition that I was unable to work to a spinal injury that is permanent. ” Judge” Sharrard ruled against me saying i was employable, really I haven’t worked in 4 years after 23 years as a skilled laborer. What gives these people the right to deny my ENTITLEMENT ! guess she is also a ” Doctor” WHAT A JOKE THIS **** SYSTEM IS…I HOPE YOU GET YOUR PROMOTION ! OUR GOVERNMENT SUCKS !

  5. Anonymous says:

    Does anyone check the facts in a case, this judge ignored medical depositions given by 4 Surgeons saying my medical condition prevented me from being employed, however Judge Sharrard felt different about it. She decided i could work, not the Doctors. Yes an unfavorable decision after 30 years working. 4 months later still can’t work, 4 years after my injury still not working. I will apply for welfare because of her denying my benefit, does anyone ever read this or care. hope someday she will suffer as i have

  6. Sure that would hepl says:

    Had my hearing from Judge Sharrard, yes i received an unfavorable( no disability ) 3 years of doctors, rehab, and unable to drive. 4 Doctors said i would be unable to perform an substantial work due to my PERMANENT damage to my spinal cord. After 31 years working as a skilled laborer, this is what you get. Judge Sharrard had no intention of awarding what i was intitled to no matter what the facts. Guess she had a quota for the day. Is their any one that oversees theses arrogant Judges. Now i will apply for welfare, link card and all the rest. I will now cost more than if she would have done the right thing and awarded what should have been given to me. THANKS FOR NOTHING !

  7. Unemployed & applying for welfare says:

    I have not been able to work in 4 years since a spinal cord injury, Several doctors ( surgeons ) stated i was unable to work due to my severe medical condition. I met & exceeded all requirements for disability that i have paid into for 30 years. Judge Sharrard ruled against me giving me an unfavorable decision, saying i could perform as a ” Cashier” most days i do not leave my home due to my inability to drive. This judge and others care nothing about the facts or the people. I hope someone actually reads this and gets something out of this. If you are assigned this judge to hear your case i would recommend someone else due to her record of ruling against people, she must be looking for a promotion I speculate that is the way to move up denying cases no matter the facts. Arrogant judges ! hope they get to answer someday for their actions !!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Judge Sharrard has that certain judicial je ne sais quoi that enables her to efficiently preside over hearings, bringing her to the best conclusion in the case. She is firm, but very nice, even though she doesn’t pay everybody.


    You denied me knowing i am disabled, 4 Doctors said i was, and I can’t drive but a little. Now i will file Bankruptcy and apply for Government assistance. I was a 30 year worker and was injured on the job. Haven’t worked in 4 years. My family thanks you for your compassion. hope you get your promotion for another denial !

  10. new welfare recipient says:

    5 Doctors in medical records said due to my spinal injury I could not due any substantial work, and one Doctor said i was unfit for any type of work. ” Judge” Sharrard ruled UNFAVORABLE against me, stated that i could perform as a laundry mat assistant. I worked several years as a High skilled Welder & Fabricator…thanks for denying my disability that is all i had. My unemployment ran out because NO ONE WOULD HIRE ME due to my MEDICAL condition, this includes Laundry mats. What a joke our system is that allows someone to deny your ENTITLEMENT that i paid into for 31 years. Now i will have to apply for government assistance to feed my family, and i am now a tax burden instead of a consumer, thanks for treating me like a 16 year old kid. yes its being appealed by a new more competent attorney, that said he couldn’t believe i didn’t receive my disability with all my medical records, and the Attorney said these judges deny cases to help their career. Hope you sleep well at night ruining peoples lives !@

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