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  1. Tim Wells says:

    I have written several times before trying to explain my story and what I have been through and to warn anyone going before this Judge. I have explained that she will Lie to Deny and fails to review the evidence in order to give any and all people with disabilities a chance. She is Heartless, unfeeling and just a Liar as I have said before. She doesn’t have the confidence in her decision against me to face me and explain why I was denied because she knows she would not have a leg to stand on and would be at a loss to explain most of her report or why she never released the information used to make her decision. Instead she would rather steal tax payers money and refuse to give people that come before her a fair and impartial hearing. She is a huge part of what is wrong with the System. She will have to answer on Judgement day for her actions but that doesn’t help me or anyone that has the misfortune of being railroaded by this Judge when all we wanted was fairness.

  2. Tim Wells says:

    I hope that everyone that has had the ability to make it to this site has taken my advice and at all cost asked to be seen by another Judge that will take your case seriously and not try and play judge with made up information. I , as I posted before plan on filing legal charges in an attempt to save everyone with disabilities of ever being railroaded by a judge like this. I have read and re-read her denial against me which includes 50 paragraphs and of those 50 paragraphs I can poke multiple holes in every single one of them. There are left out reports that were very significant to my case and health and made up accounts from a sub-par Clinic Dr that I did not choose but if you read her report you would think she was my primary Dr. She gives more time to Dr’s That I saw 2x and another for 10 minutes over my orthopedic Surgeon that was taking care of me for well over 6 months. It is very obvious to me that this Judge omits any and all evidence that benefits the person filing for disability that is crucial to his case and if she has to will make up or put words in the persons mouth to make him look bad and further her case for denial. I don’t know how huge the bonus is that they receive per denial but as hard as she seems tOo work at it I am sure it is pretty substantial . Please beware of this Judge. One more thing. I was denied my rights to a face to face hearing please don’t let that happen to you

  3. Tim Wells says:

    First of all I feel blessed to have a sight like this where I can voice my concerns regarding the system but especially regarding this Judge. I am building what I believe to be a Criminal case against this Judge for mis-representing the facts in her denial letter to me. I don’t believe that she ,not only looked at the all the information that she was presented, but I believe that she made a rush to judgement when it came to my case. I recently read a report that stated that the average case should take a judge 7 to 7 and a half hrs to go over the facts and render judgement. That same report has Judges on average taking 2 to 2 and a half hrs per case before rendering judgement. This Judge has me sitting comfortably during the entire hearing even though she said that he supposedly could not sit for long periods of time. That statement was made in her report even though I stood up for 30 of 35 minutes because the pain in my neck was so severe. She states that I worked light duty lifting up to 50 lbs when my light consisted of riding in a minni-van that I could barely even get in and out of and never leaving my seat until being dropped off any where from 2-4 hrs a day. she blows off my knee pain, shoulder pain and severe depression. I have had a total right knee replacement,a total right shoulder replacement, am going to have my left knee replaced in Feb and am looking at possibly having my left shoulder replaced on down the rode. My Orthopedic Surgean is a very good one told me that my right shoulder was the worst he had ever worked on and my left knee is the worst he has ever seen. This Judge used the words assumed pain to describe what I was going through. These are just a few of the disabilities I am dealing with. I have contacted the appeals council and the office of Disability and Adjudication and review asking for the information that was used by this Judge to render a decision and was told that I should have received all the information along with a CD of which I did not. I was not even given the option of a face to face hearing and my Lawyer showed up at my last hearing 6-8 months behind on myu medical records. During the hearing the Judge gave my Lawyer 2 weeks to get the up to date records to her and to this date I have no idea whether my Lawyer did that or whether the Judge even considered waiting on those records. I want the truth, the records and anything and everything that I can get my hands on to get Justice in my case. Thanks for allowing me to voice my opinions on this site

  4. Tim Wells says:

    I thought this was a public forum where people screwed over by the system and this Judge in particular could have atleast somewhere to voice not only their frustration with this Judge but with the system as a whole. When Social security can pay out 8 Billion dollars in Fraudulent Claims to including Firefighters and Law Enforcement officers it leaves me to believe that in the Legal system there is a double standard. I voice my opinion and I have Deputy Sheriffs knocking on my door and Homeland Security on the Phone. When a Judge fills a REPORT FULL OF lIES
    to justify a denial the legal system looks the other way. I actually, at one time believed that you could count on the Law being there for you. I now know that the Law is more currupt then it has ever been. I sit here in pain 24 hrs a day and live in poverty while the lEGAL SYSTEM REFUSES to hold Disability Judges or any Judges accountable. My only avenue is to file a Lawsuit against the system who has destroyed me. Do I think I can win. Like I said before the system is currupt and honesty in the Legal system doesn’t exist anymore.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge was very compassionate,friendly, and considerate to my condition at hearing.Although I have not received my decision yet I have Faith in God that if it is His will everything will work out for the best for My family.And I believe that Judge was thorough and attentive as I was trying to describe how my conditions have affected not only myself but my family as well..

  6. Tim Wells says:

    Judge Anne Sharrad is very Lucky to have a friend in George Michaels but speaking as someone who spends 24 hrs in pain and suffers in poverty because I can’t function in the work place I have to take great exception to what Mr. Michaels has written. Judge Sharrard dis-regarded everything that was in any of my Dr’s reports. She has quotes from supposed conversations that I was to have had with Dr’s that never even took place. I think the legal term for that is Fabricating the facts. She brings in a faceless employment specialist, that I can only hear during the video hearing, which names 5 jobs that to her knowledge were so plentiful she gave a 10000 figure of the number of jobs available. My Lawyer and I looked at each other because we could not even figure out what these jobs were. One was a clothes hanger. I got home after my hearing and used 5 different search engines so I could even get an idea of what these jobs were and only one of the 5 jobs even came up and it was not even what she had named. It was for Nannys. I am a 51 year old with severe depression, gout, a knee replacement and total shoulder replacement and looking at another knee and possible shoulder replacement not to mention arthritis all over my body. In my opinion if you find yourself in front of this judge you better be a very good con or be in such a bad state that even she could not deny you. She looks to deny and that is why her denial percentage is the highest you will find. I was told by a Lawyer that only 5% of Video hearings ever get approved. He told me that in a video hearing you don’t know if the Judge is even paying attention. She could be watching TV, doing a crossword or just looking out the Window. When a Judge mentions in her report that I was sitting comfortably through the entire hearing when I stood up 25 of the 30 minutes I have to question just how much she was paying attention. What really gets me is that I appealed to the appeals council and they refused to even look at her decision. But yet the same Social Secuity system that denied me and has left me in poverty paid out over 8 billion dollars in fraudelent claims. Included in these claims were people that were deceased and people with perfectly good jobs. This system is broken and these Judges should have to answer for everything that is in their report and if they don’t have anything to hide and are confident in their decision then why don’t they offer that opportunity to myself and everyone else. Thats my take on this Judge

  7. George Michaels says:

    This judge is very fair and through. A lot of people don’t seem to understand the key to being disabled. The government aka judges look very closely at what you are claiming makes you disabled and if your claim doesn’t fall under certain categories that the government has outlined, you will not qualify. Remember, although judges are just that…Judges, they follow the guidelines outlined by the Social Security Administration and interpret these guidelines towards a person’s claim. Judge Sharrard is by no means biased. She handles each claim with precision, detail and professionalism.

  8. Tim Wells says:


    If you are disabled and you are chosen to be seen by The Honorable Anne Sharrard ,and belive me when I say I use the word Honorable very loosly when describing this Disability Judge, I would suggest very strongly that you refuse to be seen by her and ask to be seen by another Judge. There are so many Lies and embellishments when it comes to the truth in her denial report against me no one stands a chance against this Judge. I don’t believe that she has any sympathy but to the all mighty dollar and probaly gets bonuses on the amount of Cases she denies. In myu opinion she should be disbarred and should be in prison

  9. Tim Wells says:

    I would say the one thing that I took from my hearing the Honorable Judge Anne Sharrard was her lack of attention to what she was seeing. The reason I say that is in her denial report she states that even though I talked about having problems with sitting or standing for long period of time because of my neck fusion surgery and my severe arhritis in my knees and shoulders she stqates I had no problem sitting through the entire hearing even though I stood up for the last 25 minutes because of the pain I was in. This also leads into her total disregard for my shoulder pain and my knee pain which she blew off as assumed pain. I had just had a total right knee replacement 2 months before the hearing and the assumed shoulder pain has led to what my ortho dr called the worst arthritic shoulder he had ever seen and that led to a total shoulder replacement of my right shoulder. I am still looking a a Left knee replacement as soon as I can get my shoulders back to where I have enough strength and endure the pain that it will take to brace myself after the knee is done. Nice Call Judge. Stick to what you do best. Fabricating the facts and leave the medical expertise to where it belongs the Drs that know what they are actually talking about. You ruined my life and stole years from me that I entend to fight to make sure that you don’t get away with

  10. Tim Wells says:

    Judge ANNE SHARRARD obviously is not only well paid between the secret handshakes and the money she gets paid in salary, but she must also be smarter then all my Drs. I know she does not have very good eyesight because when she denied me she said that I had no problem sitting through the entire hearing even though my neck pain was so severe that I stood the last 25 minutes. My new Lawyer says that video hearings on average only get ok’d 5 % something my Lawyer that was unprepared for the hearing did not tell me. She referred to my right shoulder as supposed shoulder pain but when my orthopedic surgeon gave me steroids and pain killers and has told me that I need a shoulder replacement I guess he never spoke with Anne so he could learn that the severe arthritis that prevents me from even raising my arm is just a figment of his imagination. She is a Liar and probably had the TV or was looking out the window during my hearing. While I suffer from severe arthritis in my ankles, knees( had a knee replacement in my right knee which she also referred to as supposed knee pain gout , severe neck pain, sever arthritis in my shoulder and a bad back Anne Sharrard is allowed to walk this earth free women.

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