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  1. Thomas Bennett says:

    Malfeasance: Brain Surgery, Mental confusion at times, Panic attacks, Depression, New Brain Tumor and Dementia. Unable to pass tests at Papa Johns without mgt help

    AFIB: Ireggular Heartbeat, forced to go to work, to remain out if a shelter and wrecked into a woman during AFIB and confusion.

    Reactive Airway: Can’t be around many chemical irritants. Severe reaction, HUD OFFICE refused to let me fill out paperwork elsewhere to avoid Triggers. Left ball games, work, children and family homes. Doctor instruction to avoid. I REMAINED HOMELESS. Lived in a jeep.

    BACK. Degenerative disk disease, nerve root impingement and compression, Spinal Stenosis, recurring Annular Tear, Buldging disks and more backed up by MRI EVIDENCE 2007 AND 2016 and 3 doctors. Can’t stand and can’t sit for extended periods. Goes back to 2001.

    New case, Medicaid cancelled….NO ADDRESS. MRI Cancelled, moved to different area to stay w 1 daughter. VERY VERY TEMP. INSYRANCE CANCELLED ZERO INCOME Very hard on AFIB STRESS AND COPD

    552 pages ER visits.

    Lost Several Jobs up to 48,000 plus plus couldn’t stand.

    Became homeless after spending money marked for retirement and unable to continue PT job at Papa John.

    Malfeasance: Somewhere? Attorney?,Govt? The Process? Political motivation?,

  2. Anonymous says:


    Brain Surgery
    New brain tumor
    ModSevere degenerative disease
    Nerve root compression
    Spinal stenosis
    Panic attacks
    Bulging disks
    Annular tears
    15 years of proof
    Reactive Airway disease

    All present except new tumor.

    30 years as restaurant GM and business owner.

    I became homeless, shot at, lived in jeep for months.

    Malfeasance, attorney or Government?

  3. Rick S. says:

    An absolutely unfair and horrible judge. Made a mockery of my environmental issues in her final report. If you get this judge you really picked the booby prize. She will rip you and make you out to be some liar. I’d rate her in the negative numbers if I could.

  4. regina grant says:

    I don’t feel I was given a fair trial, because I feel she should ask me if I needed extended time to get another Attorney and she didn’t, cause first I wouldn’t refer Morgan&Justice to no one which gave it to Karen justice, who the said she was taking a job in another county , so now I have Mr. Stevenson who wants to start from scratch. I have all the proof from my doctors. I worked and paid into d’s, this is bull.

  5. Anonymous says:

    She has the personality of a rock!

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