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  1. William Cratch says:

    Had a hearing with Judge Johnson. He was very engaged with the process. He really seemed to care about my case. He earned my respect. Really was a outstanding professional. Excellent understanding of the issues

  2. Robby D says:

    If all judges were as professional, knowledgeable, kind, courteous, and compassionate like Judge Anthony J. Johnson, Jr., the world would be a much better place!….

  3. Anonymous says:

    I had my hearing in June 2017, with Judge Brown! Was a little nervous as to what to expect being that the attorney appointed to my case wasn’t much help! Only spoke to her once briefly a couple of days before the hearing! Anyway, so much for that! However, Judge Brown was very personable, mannerable, great personality, although I was shocked when I first entered because he looked too young to be a Judge! He appeared to be a very fair Judge! He listen, asked question based on my medical reports, tests etc! Which he was very knowledgeable of! And even the questions he asked the Vocational Expert I felt was appropriate! For I know that is their (Judges) job is to ask questions to see if there is any jobs we can possibly do! Overall,I can only give the max of 5 stars! Judge Brown I feel is a GREAT & FAIR Judge! And I really feel as though he will make the right decisions in cases that is presented to him!!!

  4. Marguerite Brown says:

    I was very nervous about my hearing. The closest I have ever been to a courtroom is watching Law and Order. Judge Johnson is an excellent listener. It is very hard to talk about a disease that you live with, plus most people don’t want to hear about your struggles anyway. But Judge Johnson asked insightful questions, and really listened to my answers as evidenced by his follow up. He also was professional and had researched my very rare disease. I was grateful for this. His staff was also very pleasant to me.

  5. Disability Advocate says:

    Judge Johnson is knowledgeable in this area of law and fair. He is polite and personable. He asks witnesses thoughtful and probing questions directly related to the case. He asks the vocational expert very good questions based on the evidence and testimony that will indicate whether there are jobs and the number of jobs in the U.S. related to the evidence presented. However, if the evidence does not support your claim, he will deny your appeal. What more can you ask than a judge who makes his/her decision based on the evidence and testimony.

  6. SSDI Rep says:

    Really good manners at the bench — personable, smiles and claimants feel comfortable around him. He seems fair and tends to know the record well. He seems a bit young, 40ish, but professional nonetheless and good personality. He does not pull that stereotypical “hard-***”act that most ALJs try pull because they feel like being Judge Judy. Good ALJ overall!

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