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  1. MADD says:

    Responsible for making life changing decisions for others but these are the decisions she makes in her own life?


  2. Military Wife says:

    She’s very biased against Military Veterans! She needs to be investigated, what a horrible human being. Her life must be so awful that she takes it out on everyone around her, especially Veterans who fight for her freedoms. I pray for her!

  3. Approved says:

    Judge Colon was fair and impartial to my wife’s disability case. Talking with many attorneys who appear in front of Judge Colon, she is fair but not one to approve unless the facts meet the criteria….if you do not quantitatively meet criteria listed in the blue book and/or can not prove that you do she will likely not approve you.

    We just got a fully favorable decision after a 2.5 year battle with SSD, my wife has a rare auto-immune condition and subsequently developed metastatic cancer. Judge Colon approved us in under 60 days which is more than fair and showed compassion.

    I think many of the Colon haters who write could not really prove their cases in a way SSD requires, so do this if you apply:

    1. Study the blue book.

    2. Get a good SSD attorney, it’s a max of $6,000 in FL + attorney expenses and worth every penny 100x over.

    3. Have good quantitative medical evidence that aligns with the blue book requirements.

    4. You need to manage your attorneys, doctors, and getting information to the judge. We were very actively involved in managing this process, relying on no one but ourselves to get not expert tasks done.

    Have these things and you will get a fair chance to get approved. We want to thank Judge Colon, she did right by us as we need the SSD to save my wife’s life.

    Thank you Judge Colon.

  4. Someonethatshouldofgotapproved says:

    I have spent the whole weekend crying…. Of course I was denied, my judge was Colon. I don’t know what to do, it’s disgusting to know there are so many out there claiming and abusing the system
    Totally disregarded my Drs info and gave heavy weight to the state dr I saw for all of 10 minutes, furthermore she threw in some total bs for good measure. Can someone explain how the woman still has a job and why with so many complaints she is not being investigated? She needs to be disbarred.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge colon was not cold at all I felt very at ease in her court room my Attorney presented the facts and Judge agreed thank you Judge colon for being fair

  6. Anonymous says:

    I had this same judge. I thought it unusual she would ask through which employer I collected unemployment, what I like to read, why I cancelled my appointments with Vocational Rehabilitation and who scheduled my mental health appointments. Those questions, in my opinion, had nothing to do with my disabilities…maybe she rationalized if I was able to do those things, I could work. There’s a huge difference between being able to function at home and in the outside world. I don’t work well with others. Haven’t received my decision yet but was told by my attorney it could take up to 6 months to receive, which is due to the slow processing of the staff, not the judge. So, I just have to wait it out…by the time I receive a decision, I will be homeless. And, BTW…who cares if the Judges see the posts on this website?

  7. Anonymous says:

    This judge is the worst. She has the heart of a sociopath. But she writes stone clad decisions even if she’s making up her own facts.

  8. Anonymous says:

    We were very unhappy with Judge Colon. Besides waiting 6 1/2 months after the hearing for a decision, that was nothing. We were told afterward by my husbands attorney that she only goes for mentally ill claimants. My husband has been sick for a long time but did not apply for SSD right away because he was trying to get better but only got much worse. He has severe depression and anxiety, neck and back injuries, neuropthy throughout his body, vision problems, can’t stand or sit for long without a lot of pain and very bad swelling in his feet and ankles up his legs with his legs getting bright red, early stage 4 kidney disease, heart disease, chronic kidney stones, passes out for unknown reasons and trouble breathing, he has oxygen. He was denied, even after the VE said he could not perform any of the job duties and would be fired. He said this on every job that was brought up. He has like 5 different specialists that he sees aside from his primary doctor. I am to the point that I don’t know how sick someone has to be to get approved. She is being discriminating against the people that are not mentally ill. For the one person that is for her, yes people would be happy if they won, but there are plenty of people out there including my husband that are truly sick & would love to work and can’t due to his illnesses. He has the documentation of everything and all his doctors don’t understand why he has not been approved. That he should absolutely be on it. Something needs to be done about Judge’s doing this to people.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This judge is often cold, and disconnected from the claimants. She will interrupt you, she will cut you off, she will ask about miniscule things in your clients’ records and use them against you in your denial. She has misapplied the law/facts in several of my cases, and has been appealed.

  10. Beside Myself... NOT FAIR says:

    I was turned down as well. I have told this story so many times it makes me want to vomit. I would like to know how to contact the persons on this site. I feel for all of you as well as myself. I was represented by an attorney and they dropped me after she turned me down. I appealed myself to the council in Falls Church, VA on 7/11/14. I still have not heard from them. Yes, Feeling Forsaken, she did the same thing to me as well. The vocational expert said I was not able to perform my past work and she managed to find some loop hole… there isn’t one. She is the most feared Judge in the area. If anyone wants to contact me feel free… I am beside myself! We need to do something!

  11. ANGRY says:

    I thought the coldness I felt during my hearing was just me, overreacting! I had notes from Doctors stating Iam disabled, I have multiple conditions i will have for the rest of my life. I was given an unfavorable decision and it hurt! Judge Colons notes even stated just because someone seems sincere, wow so I am faking 4 years of pain and mental issues. The biggest problem I have with this is how can a Judge override what a Doctor or ARNP has written and say it isn’t so! Who has hurt this woman? I sat there and just shook my head, even as she sighed and rolled her eyes I kept my cool. I am so disheartened in this system, I have lost faith in this process. I have always treated others with respect and kindness and worked my butt off, now I cant get the help I deserve? Please pray for me and my family as I appeal this decision again. The twisting of the medical records and ignoring recent records and advice of Physicians is just unbelievable. How has she gotten away with this for so long? RED FLAGS ALL OVER THE PLACE!Feeling down and out!!!!! SUCKS!!!

  12. Anonymous says:

    No judge is above the law. Based on everything I have read, researched and personally experienced concerning Arlene Colon, it is very concerning that she is demonstrating a bias toward SSD applicants. The link I have copied and pasted below will provide everyone with the information they need on how to handle any Bias or misconduct they have undergone by this judge. The Division of Quality Services in Falls Church Virginia has the authortiy to investigate and take the necessary action concerning bias or misconduct by any Administrative Law Judge. We have all seen what one person can do with the recent events that surrounded the mistreatement of our Veterans by the VA and it is becoming obvious that the SSA and many Adimistrative law Judges are refusing to abide by the guidlines that the judges are bound to adhere to when making a decision. Judge Colon’s approval rating of 21% is nearly 30% below those of her fellow judges at the St. Pete ALJ and 23% below the national average. This in itself is a cause for concern. Statistics do not lie and we can clearly see that based on these statistics along with the voluminous testimonies concerning Judge Colon, it is now time that we become pro-active and take a stand. Many people are afraid to report the actions of a judge or believe that there is no overseeing authority. The link below will show all of you that this is not the case. Let us also not forget the power of the media and what it did for our hero veterans who also suffered injustices which regrettably resulted in several of our heroes dying.

  13. Anonymous says:

    After 15 minutes, recused herself. After reading the above negative comments, perhaps I am lucky. She did seem very cold, interrupted me often and robot-like.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I have just received my “answer” to my case which I have been fighting for 8 years this April. Unfavorable! My last hearing was in December of 2009 when I was denied by her “mentor” (now retired), Phyllis Pierce. Ms. Pierce denied my claim in a mere 3 days. Judge Colon LIED about the facts of my case (just as Peirce did). Twisted the evidence set before her to suit her “decision.” And in fact, I was not even afforded a hearing this time. Just an “unfavorable” after waiting over 2 years from last “decision.” Her reasoning, no point in it as I already had one. My case (and the evidence that supports my disability) are so strong, I have won in Federal court twice. Second time the Federal judge was LIVID that the SSA did not do their jobs and ORDERED that the evidence be considered. It was not. Five doctors have all agreed that I am disabled, yet Judge Colon seems to fancy herself an expert above them all. I want to know who is policing these judges who are not doing their jobs. Playing fast and loose with people’s lives and the EVIDENCE that supports valid claims for disability benefits. She should be fired! it is just that simple! If you cannot do your job without preconceived ideas and be unbiased, you have NO business doing this at all!

  15. JBird says:

    She totally rocks!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am almost 60 years old and have worked since I was 16. I finally became so disabled from serious mental impairments and life-threating physical and mental impariments…including early onset Alzheimer’s AND a terminal illness… that I finally had to stop working, use all my savings, and file for disability.

    Judge Colon is a vicious pathological LIAR and outright EVIL. She denied me my benefits, based on her utter distortion of my well documented Case and her BIZARRE interpretion of Law.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As a representative who practiced in front of Judge Colon for over a year, I can only say this line

    “Some of those who are taking this so personally may not have been well-served by their representatives”

    is off-base. Judge Colon’s denials were poorly and dishonestly written. At many points in her Unfavorables, she quoted half a sentence, out of context, while deliberately ignoring other evidence. In one denial, she claimed my client was not credible because she has filed for disability three times. Of course, the record showed those three times were 1997, 1999, and 2008, with almost a decade of work after the second.

    Of the six denials I received from Judge Colon, Federal judges over-turned five of those decisions. The problem is with Arline, who is an embarrassment to SSA, and not with the representatives who practice in front of her

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think it is more sad that someone believes an ALJ can’t show bias in spite of her giving fake smiles or not yelling. I think most people could really careless whether an AlJ will play nice to get you to talk and then deny you or just go by the book. However, if an ALJ is only paying 23% of the cases he or she is adjudicating then they are not applying the law. Yes, the grids are beneficial for people over 50 but that does not mean people under 50 aren’t disabled. Further, each case should be reviewed on an individual basis and if she is not paying people are under 50 strictly because of age then she is bias, no matter how nice she is to you.

  19. Anonymous says:

    It is disappointing to read the wildly uncharitable comments made below about Judge Colon. In my experience, she is an extremely knowledgeable and hard-working person who seeks to apply the facts to the law in an unbiased fashion.

    I understand that people are going to be quite naturally displeased when they do not get what they want. Some of those who are taking this so personally may not have been well-served by their representatives, who should have explained to them that just because you know in your heart with all sincerity that you have a certain problem does not always mean that you have presented sufficient evidence to prove it.

    Everyone loves the judges who unscrupulously give away the store to nearly every claimant, whether it is justified or not. However, that is the easy way out. All of the incentives in this system go in this direction. Judges who do not give in to this relentless pressure do so because they feel an obligation to call “balls and strikes” as they see them, knowing full well that at least one side very often wont like the call.

    Judge Colon may adjudicate cases conservatively, but she shows no signs of the bias she is unfairly accused of here. Does she berate the claimants, make sharp comments toward them or abuse them in any way? Does she behave at all in an unpleasant way toward them? Anyone who has dealt with her can tell you that she does no such thing.

    I might not agree with her every decision, but I know she is calling them as she sincerely sees them and without an ounce of malice or bias against anyone. As for the alleged bias against younger claimants, that’s not Judge Colon, that’s the way the rules are written. The “grids” heavily favor older claimants.

    Finally, to the rep who suggested that you are better off the more evidentiary support you have for the claim: Well, yes, that is the way this is supposed to work. This just proves my point. The better your evidence is, the better your chances are. I would be far more concerned about a judge for whom this was not the case.

  20. Ray Badini says:

    We were told by our attorneys prior to the hearing for my aunt to hope that the assigned judge wouldn’t be Arline Colon due to her reputation for fixating on any scraps of testimony to hang the “denied” hat on. Unfortunately bad luck came our way and my aunt got her. Not surprisingly, her subsequent verdict was to deny any benefits despite doctor statements supporting such. Quite the android. Perhaps justice will be served if Colon suffers the misfortune of a genuine injury and goes before a judge like herself who thinks she’s faking it. Maybe she’ll also get to endure the ignominious recommendation to become a file clerk (even though she can’t sit in one place for more than 10 minutes).

  21. Anonymous says:

    She is very nice, but will NOT approve anyone that is under 50 with NO mental impairments. She seems to have ZERO sympathy for physical impairments. Claimants with obvious physical issues do nothing for her. If they aren’t crazy, she will deny with a pretty smile!

  22. Anonymous says:

    She’s evil. She may appear nice during the hearing, but don’t be fooled: when your decision comes out and it’s unfavorable- it’s character assasination. She doesn’t like young people, she doesn’t like overweight folks. Even older people who served our country who walk with walkers can sometimes not get granted. A LOT of her unfavorable decisions are being upheld at AC and going to Federal Court, so she’s probably not getting enough remands to know what she’s doing wrong. She also dismisses a lot- and unfortunately, her dismissals are usually appropriate. But again- evil. Wish I could give you better advice on how to win a claim with her, but I only know for sure what she won’t pay (above) and I can’t figure out what she WILL pay (ex: she paid an younger individual, SSI only, smoker, with back/heart problems, on oxygen- not compassionate claimant at all- fully expected denial). I think the more support you have (RFCs AND narrative reports) the better you are.

  23. T says:

    Very unfair judge! Don’t expect even a “slightly fair” hearing, even if you have multiple long-term, progressive/degenerative conditions. She does not consider numerous obvious & pertinent FACTS, which are provided to her…clearly and detailed, in black & white. Her main focus is a person’s age and whether or not they have been able to work while going through the SSDI process. She DOES NOT take into consideration that some people push themselves way beyond their mental & physical limits, to the point of having NO personal life whatsoever due to severe chronic pain and major depression, just so they can keep a roof over their head and not end up on the streets. People like Judge Colon should NOT be employed by S.S.D., where they are required to make “FAIR” decisions for the U.S. Government. She gives the entire process and that division of the government a VERY bad name.

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