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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a hearing with this judge today wow I am lost for words….

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is a bitter, bitter man that deserves no respect. You need to take ur case to federal court

  3. K. Howard says:

    THis Judge was rude and he ask me the color of his robe I stated Black he shouted no its blue. Mine you I have Glaucoma alone with othe disabilities. He told me I was not going to get my disability and never to apply again. Him being the judge I thought thath was it and I never appeal his dicision.A Senator tried to help me and sent letters from my doctors to him so a I guess he was still upset and denial me again. My doctors say I will never be able to work again. Where do I go from here. Our country can take care of illegals and ppl that never worked here and do nothing for us. This is so saddening. It would be really good it there was no stars because he does no get my respect as a judge with any star.

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