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  1. Mike D says:

    I went to my hearing with my lawyer. Judge Conover was very professional in his demeanor and allowed me to present my case for disability. My lawyer also went over my limitations and allowed me to speak to as why I could not be gainfully employed. The number one spokesperson for me was not me or my lawyer but my paperwork. My medical documents spoke for themselves. I have mental and physical disabilities that stop me from being employed. Judge Conover approved my disability not because he liked me, but because my documents were compelling. My suggestion to anyone who has endured long months to stand before a judge is to: 1. Hire a lawyer 2. Have your medical documents in order 3. Tell your story of how your disabilities hinder you from being gainfully employed.

  2. Cynthia says:

    This MAN rating has been up and down. Check it out. Now is he a fair judge. I do not know it has been one month since my hearing. I have been receiving benefits for 30 years.

  3. levonabroome says:

    judge arther conover,dont lok at the fact he just look at how much money you receive from workmen comp,he told me that i had a problem with authority figurer,it broke me because i was so mistreade on my job,i recorded my boss tell me workmen comp was going to fire me, durning my injury my boss refuse to let me take during my surgery,i went back to work 3-4 time trying to work i could do it, i had to get all my money out of retiredment because my supervisor never agave me the paper work, i refuse to agreee with my boss when the dictor caught him playing domio he came to to me and said it the white against the black,for 15 yrs i loved my job it was my life because i couldnt read but i could work the state let me down,im sorry if i had to remove everything out of my retirement judge conover but i would have loss my home,i never had aa problem with authority figure,but this boss did me like a dog and laugh in my face doing injury because i wasnt with him with the black and the white thing,2009-2014 hve be able to work judge my grandbaby,my friend my daughter my sons ,my family help me do evrything i tryed with my hold heart,my boss was right the state wouldnt help me , was done so wrong ,a for this judge to say that to me broke my heart because i nevr dispected any boss i every had,the only thing i can do is pray that someone listen to my crys for what right.o my god im 2011-2015,why is this judge treat me so bad, im a good person,please judge conover i beg you to please,belive me i never did anything to hurt anyone my job put me out perment resticted,

  4. Advocate says:

    Make sure you know your case well. Judge Conover doesn’t suffer fools gladly. Any rep who isn’t prepared to work his files better watch out.

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