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  1. Carla DeMarco says:

    I left a comment above for Zeidman, I was just diagnosed with skin cancer as well, I’ve had this lesion for years and my prior Dr at kaiser said one word to me when I asked to have it looked at and removed, “No”! I’m no Dr so at that point I looked at it as a skin tag. 6 years later, new Dr, its cancer, I need a secondary procedure to have it removed. I also will be having all similar and non similar marks checked. Between the failure of the medical system, the lackadaisical attitude of people who make important decisions in our lives and the shortsightedness of those who don’t have to walk in our shoes, we can work our whole lives and be totally screwed when we need what we rightfully earned after nearly 40 years of working. The system is for those who know how to abuse it, not those it was intended to serve.

  2. Carla DeMarco says:

    I had my case heard by Judge Ziedman and he denied me based on I ride a bike and I climb a ladder. Idk what the heck he meant by climb a ladder til I realized he was talking about me going to the Easter seals pool, a pool specifically for disabled people. I actually was able to slowly walk down a ramp to get in, no ladder involved at all.
    The “bike” I ride is a Liberty trike for disabled people, it is ada accessible and I can ride it indoors. I got the trike because I spent about 6 months in my room depressed and in pain because walking had become unbearable. I searched the internet for something that could get me to the park around the corner, or that I can use in a store or indoors. I have chronic pain from arthritis, stenosis, no cushion between joints and I need 2 knee replacements, and of course I suffer from depression.
    After working since I was 15 1/2, and actually on that very day I had my work permit signed by my mother, and a job secured at the boys club. I worked parttime my whole life, was a wife, a mother, a homeowner, a tax payer and a contributor to society til my mid 50’s. I have appx 40 years of work history. This judge literally denied me for the top 2 exercises that are recommended by the American arthritis foundation for arthritis.
    I have decided not to take ir further to the federal court because the system is unfair and biased. It seems the a judge can make a ridiculous decision, ruin someone’s life and steal what they rightfully deserve. He is a horse’s azz. I will live off air and crumbs til I’m 62 and he will continue to ruin other people’s lives. Hopefully one day someone will pass a judgement on him that hurts him as much as he hurts others, it’s disgusting.

  3. lewis f cornelius says:

    I had my case heard today before judge Zeidman, I felt that he was very fair and listened to my case. He seemed very compassionate and treated me with respect. He also thanked me for my military service to the country in which I really appreciated. I don’t know what decision he will make, but whatever that decision is, I will accept and know that this judge was completely fair.

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