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  1. EJ says:

    I recently appeared before this judge with a long history of dealing with the same issue for most of my adult life… 22+yrs. He denied me with the words allegedly written over and over. A few weeks after the hearing I was seen at the ER with the issue he called allegedly CONFIRMED with an MRI scan. We are now taking it to the next level to prove his ruling unjust. I believe he is extremely bias, unthorough and very hypocritical. He based most of his first denial off a disability doctor’s opinion and completely disregarded the second disability doctor’s credibility in his second denial. I hope I have the mental stability to make it through another 6-12mo of this fight to see an approval, but if not and I finally give in to ending my pain and suffering once and for all, I hope this ALJ is more caring and thorough with the next persons case. It’s been almost 6 years of fighting for my right to SSD… My family shouldn’t have to suffer this emotional & financial burden.

  2. ADAM STEVENS says:

    This judge ruled on my case with wrong information…I would be approved if it was correct.

  3. JC says:

    I appeared before this judge for a court video hearing. He clearly had readed the records because he knew things that I’d only told my doctors. I haven’t been able to work, and his decision says I’m not disabled. But I can’t do any of those jobs that expert said I could. We even appealed but lost the appeal. But at lest he treeted me fairly, and my lawyer explained to me that the law just wasn’t on my side. Still the judge listened to me, aske me questions, and I appreciate he was nice and respectful to me.

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