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  1. John Doe says:

    I have been going for disability for 3 and 1/2 years I have severe PTSD and anxiety I also have manic bipolar depression all of these cause me to be extremely difficult to work I zone out very often and I have constant panic attacks even with medication I have had hip surgery on my left hip but have to have hip surgery again to recreate an injury I also have to have hip surgery on my right side and I have multiple diagnoses on my back I also as well have Factor 5 Lyme disease and I am very high risk for throwing blood clots I go to get my blood work done anywhere between once a week and once every 3 weeks all of this evidence wasn’t good enough and I didn’t get disability even though the specialist said that I was not able to work many jobs all about politics I worked for the state for Arc to help people I volunteered for free for multiple years to work with the disabled I worked hard with my jobs and all of that was not recognized neither was my disabilities I was thrown out into the garbage bin 3 and 1/2 years of my life I have given for disability and I am wasting my time in my life everyday I struggle financially scared out of my mind I won’t have enough money for diapers and wipes and this is what the judge decides America is going to f****** s*** don’t try and go for disability people unless you got a $500 an hour lawyer and not a seat bench underpaid given representative you will f****** lose

  2. J says:

    I appeared before this judge for a court video hearing because the courthouse is still closed for the pandemic. He clearly had red the records because he knew things that I’d only told my doctors. I haven’t been able to work, and his decision says I’m not disabled. But I can’t do any of those jobs that expert said I could. We even appealed but lost the appeal. But at lest he treeted me fairly, and my lawyer explained to me that the law just wasn’t on my side. Still the judge listened to me, aske me questions, and I appreciate he was nice and respectful to me.

  3. Jack Neck Bone says:

    This Judge does Not look at Medical Evidence and at the end of the Hearing, the Work Speacialist said there was no jobs available due to the Pandemic as of June 14, 2021, and he made a decission 9 days later ! We’re ready to write the Federal Attorney General Merrck Garland and President Joe Biden Because there was be a paper Trail via an Audit that this Judge who is very Conservative (Republican ) looks to deny people of Color or Poor ! Even Nick Khoury from MHM said this judge is gonna do what he wants to do, and it’s all based on Feelings and Politics, Not Medical Evidence !

  4. John Doe says:

    This Judge does not look at Medical Evidence, if you have a hearing with him it’s like being in a job Interview, he does Not look at your disability or Medical Evidence! Why ?

    How can a Judge put a disabled person under hours of Phone interview and only speak of previous Jobs and dismiss your disabilities!

    Then at the end of the hearing the Job Specialist indicates there’s is No jobs available for the disable person to do due to the Covid -19 pandemic !

    Then his Law Clerks that types up the decision doesn’t even know if the disabled person who attended the hearing was a male or Female, the decision written goes back and fourth from he or she !

    Then the decision was made 10 days after the hearing. The hearing was June 14, the decision was typed and mailed June 24, !

    This was a predetermined decision based on Feelings and Not Medical Evidence !

    Example, the Judge indicated Doctors said one thing, and he went against Medical Evidence based on his Feelings !

    One Doctor said “ She has Severe Depression, Anxiety, and Post Tramatic Stress Disorder, and the Judge said Nothing is wrong with her !

    Another Doctor said she needs a knee replacement, she has a bone sticking out her knee, the Judge said Nothing is wrong with her !

    If this Judge wasn’t lazzy or scared of Covid 19, and I say scared of Covid 19 because we have 4 Vaccines, restrictions have been lifted and the United States is back to Normal, people are still using Covid 19 as an excuse not to see and meet people ! If this Judge would have meet her face to face in his Court, he would have seen with his eyes the bone sticking out her knee, but he rather hide behind a phone, and act like a job interviewer !

    Oh I’m Not done cause they need to scrutinize all his cases he approved and denied because there has to be a pattern to his decisions, such as what Nationality he approves and denied ! Maybe he has a problem with woman cause of his culture !
    Maybe He defends Muslims and screws Americans !

    What Judge returns a decision within 10 days ? That automatically looks like a predetermined decision without Due Process of law ! Even Prisoners in State and Federal Jails get more due process than this Judge gives !

    What ever law clerk he gave the paper work to Screwed up trying to get rid of paper work really fast !

    Grillo vs Coughlin 31 F.3D 53 ,Wright Vs. Smith 21 F.3D 496, People Vs. Jimenez NYS 2d 456, Wolff Vs. McDonnell 94 S.ct 2963, Morrissey Vs . Brewer 408 U.S. 471 ( 1972 ), Lowrance Vs. Coughlin 862 F.supp 1090 !

    The Judge may have well ended the call and said I’m denying your claim and I’m NOT looking at Medical Evidence !

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