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  1. Understand Covid lockdowns in Sanctuary Santa Barbara, CA they never reported the covid experimental stick swab tests were recalled 2022, for FDA CLass I, highest recall deadliest toxic with Sodium Azide, the chemical used to make airbags explode in an auto accident. Santa barbara county is run by cheap labor undocumented hispanic illiterates who use torture of legal us houseless citizens by sound and light 24/7. they still wear masks and treat houseless like theyre contaminated with covid diseased and ostracized from the undocumented society. They scream glutteral incomprehensible screaming and I have severe exhustion, my rem is behind and i suffer sleep deprivation so badly, I fall asleep at the computer at the library and on buses. Im exposed to extreme heat and cold, I’m burned out. Ive been denied motel vouchers, I have to hide at night to get 3-5 hours sleep. the churches only help the undocumented people. theyre keeping a list of who got covid tests, vaccines and who wore masks. I refused all of it. Gov. staff are still wearing masks and the medical clinics are still in masks. The vaccines were recalled 6/2022. Santa barbara still markets the vaccines and covid stick swab tests. Ive been told im not cooperating by my atty matthew Holmberg, knowing i refused the covid masks, tests, and vaccines. the medical staff are making grave mistakes on medical records. i have an eye appt. 7/2024 sansum clinic eye care, but they got mad when i said no mask, who ever does the eye exam better not wear a mask. i sent a notice to delay the hearing to do phone issues, dropped calls, hangs up, it will take me over a month to get another cel phone. i need an epsom salt bath. my leg is hurt in the groin, inner thigh, upper thigh, glutte area is pulled 2-3 places on the left side. I was hit by a bicyclist around 2019 before 2020 lockdowns. i think its political im being denied ssi. I asked for fishoil and a z pac and was refused by a county dr. cencal covers fishoil and vitamin D3 natural healing.

  2. Inshallah dragna says:

    I’ve been homeless injured hit by a car in sanctuary Santa Barbara CA I limp gang undocumented gov run Area give it to illegals. Denied 5yrs on the street 9 yrs robbed 3 times there’s lots of us legal citizens homeless as illegal Mexicans control ssi welfare etc we are.kicked to gutters like animals. Get the cartel mafia out. No phone SCOTUS boring v. Murillo 4.22.24 cruelty

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  4. Marvin L Adkins says:

    Great judge

  5. Amy Vance says:

    Hello your honor
    Have a question bout the SSD or SSDI Ok since I got full term disability and I’m eligible for food stamps and resources Anyways my opinion is I have my
    Old card from the past and I should have already gotten it I also got my Medicare card but part a is primary and part b is Medicaid But that was on a paper from social security office few months ago So get this card It’s wrong it’s confusing cause one thing they say I’m getting that and then I get something saying they had it on wrong paper I don’t know But I want to ask u When does my social security benefits actually start I want u to say thank u again God blessed u

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