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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am writing this on behalf of my son. My son has an average IQ. He has excellent verbal skills but cannot put his thoughts in writing. His doctor has diagnosed to have brain damage. He also has ADHD, bipolar disorder, post traumatic syndrome and sleep apnea. The judge ridiculed and belittled my son and told my son that he belonged in prison and would amount to nothing but a janitor. The judge denied him and failed to understand that his deviant behavior has to do with his ADHD, bipolar and post traumatic syndrome.

    I rate this judge #1. She has no working knowledge of mental disabilities and is not current on how bipolar leads to violence, crime or other deviant behaviors.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I think she was a worker’s compensation ALJ. Not Claimant or attorney/representative friendly. Appears to have already had her mind made up prior to hearing. Very negative ALJ.

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