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  1. Fabian Bezares says:

    I dont see why there are so many negative comments about this judge . i was treated fairly, i believe goes by the facts of the case and the honesty of the person. on the other hand i have a tremendous gripe with the SSA in my area 1540 fulton street Brooklyn N.Y. i won my case in september 7th fully favorable decision ,i have fought my case 7 years even appealed to the highest judicial branch and won my appeal. The judge ordered they pay me within 60-75 days and it can be expidited if needed . i have called the SSA office over the last month and a half only to be hung up on, told to call other numbers etc… i am in dire needs of funds to get a winter coat and clothes, make a move out of the shelter that is drug infested and a brothel. i was told i would recieve my first retro check in November now they are giving me more excuses.i am a very sickly person and the way life is going no one is promised tommorow. when i ask for a supervisor or their i.d. numbers they hang up. so i started recording all there calls to have supporting evidence against this office. i really hope someone who reads this can point me in the right direction to help me fix this situation.

  2. DMV says:

    i dont give a **** *** even if she see this comment of mine! now, I dont have my ssi, and i need money to get into some housing and get myself a home!

  3. DMV says:

    TREAD WITH CAUTION IF YOU END UP IN COURT AND HAVE TO DEAL WITH THIS *****…REALLY. I’m 60 years old and I’ve been diagnosed with Bi-Polar and PTSD by my psychiatrist. Guess what???

    You’ve guessed it right!!!

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