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  1. Melissa Carbajal says:

    After reading the many negative reviews on B. Powell, i went to my hearing scared.. The out come of my hearing was still up in the air.. however i found that Mrs. Powell was extreamly respectful, and understanding.. she let me talk and i represented myself. Now is just the wait.
    Thank you Mrs. Powell for seeing me.. Take care, God bless.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Barbara Powell! Was very respectful to me and son !! She Showed no sign of disrespect. She listen to me and my attorney fairly!!! I can look in her face she was truly tryna get to the bottom of my son case. Now jus patiently waiting on a decision. Oct 2017

  3. Crippled says:

    If I could rate her lower, I would. Judge Barbara Powell is a nightmare. She is polite to everybody working in the office, but a disabled person? She is rude, condescending and tends to nitpick through cases without citing the actual medical evidence. People stated that she is racist, but I disagree…she’s just cold and evil. She talks over disabled people, bullies them and does not give them the opportunity to actually speak. Her approval/disapproval ratings compared to most other ALJ is completely opposite. She does not belong in any form of office, approving or denying disability benefits. I had a panic attack during my hearing because she wouldn’t let my wife in with me. She basically told me that I needed to be quiet or that she wouldn’t be able to continue. I was quiet, but gasping for air. I cannot believe that this woman is in charge of anybodys life. I am confident that the appeals council will overturn her decisions, because I actually cited medical evidence, instead of using her opinions. She claimed things such as “presentation” when discrediting medical profesionals and to make matters worse, she agrees with the medical opinion of an ER doctor who ran no tests, over MRI and testimony from actual treating physicians. How she sleeps at night is beyond me!

  4. Vote Powell Out says:

    I didn’t see a negative five (-5) stars option so I will just leave a comment. If agree with “Spouse”, this judge is incredibly unjust and unfair. Powell is the worst human being I’ve ever encountered. My mother struggles daily just to do everyday simple tasks we take for granted, and yet this judge says she’s (my mother) exaggerating her illness and don’t get me started on her hearings. You are not allowed to explain, but simply answer yes and no to her questions. She intentionally words her questions to make you seem like a liar or wanting pity. She’s a judge in a city that has a population mostly Hispanic and her race preference is evident. Powell, I wish you just a quarter of the pain my mother goes through, and I hope your judge denies your disability as well.

  5. SPOUSE says:

    These people state this Judge is good are *****. She might pretend like she cares and to be polite during the hearing. The person that stated that she denies the people who are a burden to taxpayers, let me ask; did you review all the cases she has denied or dismissed, just look at her stats she is evil. Im thinking you must work for her or be related. This judge lies and is an arrogant selfish human being. She is the burden to my tax money that pays her salary. She seems to look for .0001 % of of all the evidence presented so she can deny a case. She is not smart or fair. She was hired to deny cases, look at her stats. A fair judge would take the totality of the medical proof and not go off the notes of one bias doctors input. She picks and chooses what to use to deny a case, so unprofessional. This Judge sends claimants to see a doctor of her choice and then she discredits those doctors as well. What a waste of taxpayers money. Why send them to independent doctor and not go off their medical evidence. This shows she thinks she is all knowing, and it also shows that she is ignorant. She accepts the word of these independent doctors when it is convenient to her. Why even spend taxpayers money on these doctors if her Law Degree is all knowing and mighty that it trumps one of a Medical Doctor. Sickness and disease does not discriminate at any age and I see my spouse suffer. We provided plenty of medical evidence to show that my spouse is ill, my spouse pretty much died but was revived. My spouse has spents numerous weeks hospitalised and this ignorant judge says my spouse exagerates fully documnted medical condition. Well how the hell does she know, she wasnt there. I have been there and so have our children. My spouse is a great human being that has provided for the family in the past, working 16 hour shifts before this horrible disease. My spouse is always sick and doesnt lie. I see my pouse in pain everyday, nauseous, vomiting etc. THIS dishonorable judge states my spouse exaggerates, but Powell is the one lying. May God forgive this judge for she is the Devils advocate. I served my country so that this Judge could freely and grossly categorize my spouse as a liar. Well ill tell you Powell, you are the liar. My spouse is young and you are old. You are fortunate to be healthy, but a burden and a whip to the disabled. I wish you a long life, so that you can remember all those people you did such harm to. I hope you too get a disease as terrible as my spouse. You should be taken off your high horse. They should do an independent study of your case review. Your words and prejudices are not law. You are not a honorable judge, you are a disgrace to the seat you swore to be fair and unprejudiced. Your perceptions are criminal in nature. So for those that says she is nice, so too are the Devils advocates.

  6. karla beyer says:

    I had a hearing with judge Powell on August 12th, I found her to be very polite,respectful, and understanding of my situation, I had no issues with her. She was great. Not scary at all.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Judge Powell is an intelligent hardworking professional who believes that people who deserve help should get it and that those who seek that to which they are not entitled should not serve as a burden to the taxpayer. We need more judges like her.

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