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  1. Edward Luna says:

    Had my SS case today with Judge Barry C LaBoda and it was very smooth! This Judge asked the right questions and gave me an advise out of his own time in which was very helpful!
    Thanks for being amazing!!

  2. ana cales says:

    i wanted to take the time and address MR JUDGE BARRY LABODA FOR being so compassinate person and understanding my needs his judgement on my case was well taken care of i was very happy with his decision and will forever thank him from the bottom of my heart. thank you once again mrs ana cales

  3. TT says:

    Florida Attorney/Reps:

    Have hearing coming up before Judge LaBoda. Please tell me what he is like, opening statement, he leads off questioning, etc.

  4. Louis Burgos says:

    Judge Laboda Awesome person .Asked me questions made me feel very comfortable .But its been almost 3 months with no written letter .When & how long can a person waitl

  5. charles says:

    i would like to thank the honorable judge Laboda for his patience and kindness in approving my case after three years of appeals i finally had a human being that seemed to care about me as i struggling individual It is great to know that there are people like u in this world

  6. Manuel Soldevila says:

    I salute you Judge LaBoda, for standing and fighting alongside with us, the military veterans. I thank you not only for your high degree of professionalism, but also for your compassion and care toward the military veterans.

    I am an US Army veteran with 2 combat deployments. Our lives, after we return from a deployment is never the same. We lose friends, we get tired, we get lonely, we get depressed, we question if we will come home standing or being carried by six people. We worry about those we love, our children and spouses. But yet, we must be strong for the man on our left and the man on our right. But once we come back, there is another long war against suicide, depression, and many mental and physical challenges.

    Thank you again Judge LaBoda…and God Bless you!!!

  7. R. Harrison says:

    This Judge is very competent and fair. He treated me fairly and looked at my entire case. After waiting over 2 years to get this far, this Judge was quick and fair. He had already reviewed my case prior to my arrival, was ready to ask relevant questions he had. He gave me a verbal decision on my case, so now I am just waiting on the formal approval. I am glad that we have such a hard working and fair judge here in Orlando.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Just have one question, when they are sending out the written decisions. Do they type like one word a day. You are told it takes 60 days to receive a decision that is basically boiler plate in design. Is this a federal mandate to see if the claimant will die before any funds are paid.

  9. Just a Rep says:

    Very nice judge. Have your case up to date. This will expedite your decision. Explains what will take place and that he is trying to get to know the claimant a bit better. Wants the claimant to be at ease and reassures them some duringthe hearing if he sees they are getting restless or nervous. He will be familiar with the evidence to be sure.

    Again, have all of your recent medical records in the file before the hearing!

  10. Brenda Benjamin says:

    when I walked through that door and he seemed to have a halo around his head,I knew It was a good day.thank you judge Barry,you literally saved my life.

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