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  1. T. Tan says:

    I had read these comments prior to being in front of Judge Jenkins, and was expecting something different than what I experienced. I found Judge Jenkins to be a normal, no nonsense kind of individual. I did not feel pre-judged, nor did I feel intimidated by his demeanor. As to the vocational expert, again, I did not find her to be adversarial either.

  2. T. Bennett says:

    Finally Had my hearing on 4/4/18 with Judge Jenkins with the Las Vegas ODAR Office.

    My file has been in their office since 7/27/16. In July of 2017 I finally received my date for my hearing.

    11/27/17 is the date scheduled…….yes, the Monday after Thanksgiving. So, after waiting anxiously for over 480 days,

    they call and cancel it on Black Friday…..yes, the day before my hearing basically. Do you think I was put back on the

    schedule right away? Nope!!!!! Had to wait 5 more months for my hearing.

    As far as Judge Jenkins, he was professional and courteous……..hearing lasted 30-40 mins. My attorney thought it went well.

    My file is waiting for a Decision Writer as I write this. So my only real gripe is the cancellation of my Nov hearing and not being

    expedited automatically. As of todays date , my file has been with Las Vegas ODAR for 659 days. Im hoping for a good outcome.

  3. Stephanie Gordon says:

    Has to be the worst Judge I’ve ever come across in NV. Their alleged “expert” was nearly an hour late and he was ALL peaches and cream with her. I wasn’t even put on the calendar for the hearing, and the wannabe rent-a-cop at the door in his rubber gloves and magic wand didn’t want to let me in. I sat in the waiting room for 50 minutes before anybody spoke to me. Judge Jenkins flunky called me, but somebody needs to tell these ****** that when you’re dealing with the hearing impaired/deaf you need to speak up. He wanted to waste my time lecturing me on representation and wanted me to review THEIR file. My file and their file are two different things. He also had his flunky take my sugar-free Powerade out of the room. Not only out of the room, out in the hallway, between the bathrooms, on top of a water fountain. Somebody could have put something in it, spit in it, drank out of it. I’m filing a Judicial Discipline Complaint and taking my case to District Court. This **** is truly unfit to be on the bench. His attitude and tone of voice are of the worst I’ve ever seen. There’s a statute on that specific demeanor. The Barney Fife knock-off at the door has the very same demeanor and disposition. Neither of them have any business dealing with the impaired and disabled. BOTH should be decommissioned ASAP! IF either of them call themselves MEN, what a disgrace to the gender, they’re both ZERO’s! And Lisa Rhodes is as incompetent as they come. That warrants a complaint of waste and abuse. Overpaid and underworked.

  4. Yafa Fula says:

    For a judge to watch you cry and break down in court over something and the judge continue to do the same **** by ignoring the claimant and denying the ssi/ssdi. Just another statistical old white male judge with a 36% favorable approval rate. The judge don’t care about you or your claim, he only wants to keep his job and his paycheck.

  5. Fellow citizen says:

    I had a alj hearing with this devil dog judge, but was also denied disability benefits. The previous comment about this judge is accurate.

  6. Public says:

    Mr Jenkins, it appears you have made the choice throughout a good portion of your working life to hold positions within the scope of Public Servant. Including receiving your education as the result of service for the people of the United States. You are in fact a employee of the tax payers and citizens of the United States. A public Servant. As a employee it’s apparent we the citizens and tax payers find your conduct, your attitude, and your ability to perform your duties as defined to be sadly lacking. Please make every effort to rectify theses issues, or seek other employment . It would be a shame to have to have your service terminated by public forum, petition, and public demand. In other words, by the people who employ you, the people you in fact are employed by and work for.

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