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  1. Nevada Smith says:

    January 12, 2024

    1. R. Barry Robinson, Former AUSA Austin, TX has history of litigation misconduct in Rehab Cases representing the IRS, U.S. Department of the Treasury, HUD Housing discrimination and
    bankruptcy court, U.S. District Court Austin, TX and U.S. court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit. SSA-ALJ Barry Robinson lives in Carrollton, TX.
    2. It appears that Barry Robinson is no longer SSA-ALJ.
    3. AUSA Robinson misrepresentations of material fact, omissions, concealing evidence and failure to comply with discovery.
    4. Jennifer A. Randall, SSA-EEOC-Government attorney in Denver , CO represented EEOC and aided and abetted Robinson litigation misconduct.
    5. EEOC-attorney Judge Robert Powell in San Antonio, TX participated in Robinson Litigation misconduct at U.S. District Court with his false affidavit supplied by Jennifer Randall.
    Robert Powell is now Immigration judge in Texas.
    6. Michael Salyards in Dallas, TX participated in the Rehab act litigation misconduct at Powell EEOC telephone hearing in Austin, TX, interfering in EEO complaint, not allowing litigation of EEO
    complaint at Melinda Estrada EEO IRS territory manager Austin, TX shop participated in the same Powell litigation misconduct. This case was appealed at U.S. District Court and R. Barry
    Robinson, AUSA and SSA-ALJ.
    7. R. Barry Robinson, solicited Neal Lee Peasant, MD in Bethesda, MD to call disabled IRS employee doctor and threaten him with litigation because employee doctor asked him for his
    medical records. Dr. Presant does his sloppy and biased disability examination by telephone based on his interpretation of what the doctor said. Dr. Presant has a 20 year history of
    reasonable accommodation denied at federal agencies nationwide.
    8. Barry Robinson has the the same litigation misconduct at SSA hearings that he has in Rehab act cases.

  2. Nevada Smith says:

    Does Judge Barry Robinson also have the names R. Barry Robinson or Ronald Barry Robinson?

    Is R. Barry Robinson a former AUSA at Western District of Texas in Austin and San Antonio, TX?

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