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  1. under oath says:

    Her permanent record (decision rational) of my client stated a history of criminal charges to include 3 felonies, alcohol abuse, non-compliance with pain medication, 2 positives drug screens for marijuana, taking vacations when my client cannot drive, fraud, was referenced as the opposite gender, and threatened to falsify court records.
    Upon review, all is false. Crutchfield did falsify records. My clients history has none of this. As well as no relevance to our social security hearing, we were denied a chance to correct any of it.
    All of this was falsely documented and redundant in her “partially favorable” decision.
    Wow! Belinda D. Crutchfield is a liar! I am supposed to hold her in the highest regard for her authority? I do not. Hearing was June 30, 2016 via monitor from Enid Ok. I hope her friends and enemies see this.
    She has several issues of her own to include insecurity, infidelity, prescription drug use, male pattern baldness and being a liar.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve had about four hearings with this judge so far. She is very fair, very well prepared and very efficient. She will tell you up front she is a stickler for certain details. For example, if there is any post onset income in the form of short term or long term disability, wages, work comp, etc. you will need to have documentation showing where the money came from and what it was for. If you don’t have it a the hearing you’ll get 24 hrs to get it in. Also, make sure your AOD is at least the day after the claimant last worked as opposed to the last day worked. She will ask for rep’s theory of the case and then she will question the claimant. Often she will propose going right to the VE for hypos and will afford the rep an opportunity to question afterwards if necessary.

  3. misty ragsdale says:

    She heard my case on Jan 31st she was very understanding and made me feel very comfortable like talking to ur aunt very down to earth but was also very aware of evidence in Odar file she looked. At every exhibit she’s very fair with you she made me change onsite date due to unemployment I collected but that’s fair i sure she approved me even after I broke dowñ in court room I really liked her alot very fair respectful nice lady

  4. Anonymous says:

    Her hearings are quick and often don’t require a lot of testimony. However be thorough with your listings, grid rules and theories of disability. She only really does two VE hypotheticals.

    So far her approval percentage is high so I would say she is very fair and concise.

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