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  1. Terry Wiggins Sr says:

    Judge Ballenger was very professional and responsive to my concerns and questions. I think he really cares for the fair treatment that the disability community needs.

  2. Cassondra Barnes says:

    Awesome Judge, has a great personality, doesn’t make you feel nervous while working with him, he showed genuine interest in each case that was held, I love the way he broke the the proceedings of the hearings to claimants, he has a bubbly yet professional personality and we definitely need more judges like him in the world. It was a pleasure spelling with him.

  3. Cassondra Barnes says:

    Judge Ballengee is an awesome judge, he is very bubbly but professional, he doesn’t make me feel nervous in his presence, and I love the way that he breaks his hearing’s down to claimant, explains the way hearing is proceeded. He takes his time and shows concern with the claimant as well as the rep. I absolutely enjoyed working with judge Ballengee we need more judges like him in the world.

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