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  1. Jeff Bain says:

    I don’t even know what to say about this man anymore. For letting the public know about what he’s done to me, and probably hundreds if not thousands of others, “someone” sent a federal marshal to my probation officer to try to basically harass and try to scare me. Feel guilty much to go that far? Hope you enjoy the boat or whatever the hell you bought with my money that would have paid for better health treatment and to get back in school. All over an opinion. Courts should not be about opinions. They should be about fact. God knows you were wrong sir, even though this world does not care. It may never be made right. But that still does not mean you were not wrong.

  2. Jeff Bain says:

    My below comment was never intended to be a threat. By “make him pay,” I meant that I hope to sue the Social Security Administration and hopefully win, calling light to this issue and in turn doing the same thing to the judges who make these wrongful determinations. I know that it came out as something that could be construed as a threat because I was in an agitated mood when writing the comment, but it was not meant to be a threat. All I meant is that I wish that these judges and Social Security had to be held accountable for their mistakes.

  3. Jeff Bain says:

    Ben Sheely ruined my life and I hope one day to make him pay for it. He denied me saying “marijuana caused my illness” when now I have a medical marijuana card and clinical trials have proven to treat it. This was back when they did backpay settlements. He screwed me over to save the state money. Then 13 years later after losing my scholarships to my disease they finally gave me disability in a whole different state, because the backpay rules were different and they could settle it for peanuts. He’s going to pay for this one day. His ignorance caused me years of homelessness and misery and continues to do so to this day. I will find a way to sue now that I have a medical marijuana card and there was no scientific evidence to prove it caused my illness back during his determination anyway. He’s crooked. He doesn’t deserve even one star. He deserves to suffer like he’s made thousands of people do himself over being an *****.

  4. tiny pacetti says:

    I appeared in front of judge sheely twice for video court in my ssi case, and he is a very sweet caring person, with all my confidence of im being concerned about me and my health… I just wish I could get an answer soon, im so stressed im scared of having a major stroke or heart attack.. blood pressure staying above 180/113. god help me.. please

  5. Anonymous says:

    I was before the judge recently and felt he was warm and compassionate. He asked relevant questions. My attorney didn’t say much at all.

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