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  1. Shocked says:

    You know its bad when my attorney tells me his firm no longer takes SSDI cases that will have hearings out of the Metarie office, specifically because of this judge. Even the lawyers know they don’t have a fair chance in front of her. A lack of genuine qualifications and an angry hostile attitude kind of tell you where things are going BEFORE she has even heard any evidence. Just wonder how long SSA will allow stuff like this to continue as it is genuinely harming folks who have paid into this system for decades and deserve a fair hearing and to be treated civilly and respectfully.

  2. Lance Landry says:

    She was the most insensitive judge that I ever met ..she denied me even with all the evidence in her face ..she told me over time slipped disc in your neck and back will heal overtime..yeah if your superman ..she needs to retire she’s has no worries she eats good every night I think she gets bonuses from the state for denying people …I’m suing the state thanks to her judging ethic ..way to go lobo

  3. screwedover says:

    Echoing previous sentiments: is out of touch when it comes to mental disorders and came across as snappy and angry. I felt like I did not receive a fair hearing in the slightest. As a matter of fact, I feel as though her decision was made right when I entered the courtroom.

  4. railroaded hard says:

    My impression of this judge is that she is angry and openly hostile to attorneys and claimants even the voc rehab person. After reading how long it takes to get approved I was prepared for a denial but nothing prepared me for the judge to be rude and angry?
    Disappointed that this judge totally ignored Dr.s reports and restrictions?
    I paid into the system four decades and if nothing else everyone in the courtroom should speak to each other in a civil manner. I knew within the first two minutes she would deny me. I knew it prior to any evidence being presented. Felt like it was a done deal to be denied regardless of the evidence. Something is very wrong here and this lady should not be judging anything until she gets her anger issues under control.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Another ALJ whose stats have remained the same year after year. Judge has a denial agenda.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How can she turn down people who have given all for their country and only ask for what they have earned in forty years of working, even though she, her husband or any of her childern have only taken from my country. She shouldn’nt be allowed to judge a dog show.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If you are a natural born white or black american and find out your judge is benita lobo cancel and request another judge it will delay your disablity but it is better to delay it than to be denied which will happen if she is your judge. The woman has no cooomon since.

  8. Anonymous says:

    very insensitive to mental health issues. inappropriate demeanor for a judge. she must be trying to bethe next judge judy. well, she is an indian so she has that cold, insensitive, yelling thing going on

  9. Anonymous says:

    Hearing is conducted very professional. She makes you feel relaxed and enough time to answer her questions.

  10. cw says:

    Very strict. Be careful how you answer her questions.

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