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  1. Michael singer says:

    Sorry I accidentally forgot to mark my last post with a one star. I wish I could put -8,000 stars. I thought I had one chance in life to finally not disappoint everyone especially my wife who has been taking care of everything for two years while I sit in silence crying all day because I can’t do anything but fail at everything in life. This guy took my last chance because no matter what his lying mind thinks I will still be at home getting crazier and worse while my wife struggles for help. All I can do is spit on his picture every day til my 15 medications don’t work no more and people ask o wonder why would this guy do something like this why didn’t the government try to help get him help like they do after every thing happens. The government makes it even harder for doctors to prescribe the medications we need like benzodiazepines so we go untreated til the show called snapped happens

  2. Michael singer says:

    Damn if I knew I would get some sorry ass like this who don’t think my anxiety and panic attacks are that bad. Well a different one is going to see a lot more my next time around . Treat me like shit on my hearing seeing me sweat and cry and look at me like trash someone just trying to steal from his funky ass government. I was being to nice but next time I will going out like my life depends on it. With these people calling me a lie and not that bad. I stay in my room all day watching people outside my window waiting and always watching everyone’s moves

  3. Michael singer says:

    This judge is joke and didn’t take my disability seriously. He didn’t understand I can’t drive and anyone I work with this looks at me wrong I’m going to go nuts on with my hands or teeth. They always talk about needing to help people with mental illness issues but usually after some crazy has happened first or he the person kills themselves because of heartless people like this lying heartless judge bastard

  4. Sheila H. says:

    Just found out today from my brother’s atty, that after 6 months of waiting for a decision, it is unfavorable because he didn’t find my brother credible in his testimony of hardly ever leaving the house, because of the onetime shoplifting incident that was later dismissed by the district Court Judge for lacking proof, but the point is that one time and only one time he can say I left my house, well I guess he is so Gung ho that he fails to realize that people with agoraphobia do have medical appointments and they feel somewhat safe with a close family member taking them places that they have to go, and you can’t assume anything else, but what is in the evidence, my brother has objectable medical evidence that he has Post tramatic stress syndrome, Anti-social personality disorder, Agoraphobia /Panic attacks, plus physical impairments of chronic high blood pressure avg 150/100 each doctor visit, 1 per month, one office visit his reading was 205/110 with pulse rate of 46 and he also has an MRI that shows severe cervical spine osteoarthritis, lumbar spine ddd, (degenerative disc disease) hepatitis C, 25 yrs, hypothyroid disease, and is prescribed oxycodome, soma, Xanax, Adderall, Phenergan, BP meds, thyroid meds, and a fluid pill called HCTZ. Now you add all the impairments and all the side effects of the medications and can you see my brother being capable of doing any kind of work that exists in the national economy? The VE didn’t think so either, but judge Chaykin obviously thinks so, and he has a history of judicial erring in his short career as a ssa alj, and I am gonna appeal to the appeals committee which is in his same building in Falls Church Odar, and will probably decline to review the case and then on to federal district court and Supreme if necessary and I hope they reverse the decision and remand to Mr Chaykin for calculations of payment and if it was up to me I would make Sir Benjamin pay the back pay amount, and then fire his bias a** he is known to cherry pick through the medical records and give weight to the state Dr’s, well pal this claim was filed prior to March 17th, 2017. And the treating physician rule apply unless there is substantial evidence of malingering then the credit as true rule comes in, Chaykin needs to be busted down to errand boy for the decision writers at Falls Church Odar, and I hope that he will be.

  5. Sheila Harper says:

    After my brothers ssi hearing in Jan , 2018. I got the feeling that this judge was desperately trying to find a reason for a denial , my brother has severe mental health problems but judge Chaykin was more concerned with a shoplifting charge that was dismissed for no evidence because my brother had a panic attack in the store and the manager assumed that he looked afraid because he must have stolen something , his lawyer had it dismissed because the accuser refused to come to court , so after the hearing I decided to research this ALJ and wow ! Did I find dirt ! This judge has erred in 4 ssi/ssdi hearings giving the states non examining doctors all the weight and ignoring treating physicians findings of serious health problems , this seems to be a pattern with this guy , and he has had his decisions remanded atleast 4Times on these same errors , he doesn’t even know the medical definition of “stable” which means not getting worse but not getting better , wow ! An ALJ judge cherry picking through the medical evidence just so he can justify his erroneous decision and the commissioner backing him up on each decision that was remanded by the 6th circuit of appeals , I think they should have a rule that if any judge makes the same error 3 times in 7 years they should be reduced in salary and the 4 th time the same error is commited to terminate the judge based on cherry picking, and the same for the commissioner for backing his “golf buddy” instead of doing his duty.

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