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  1. Jean says:

    Judge McMillion was professional and polite. I was nervous about my hearing and did not really know what to expect. This has been a confusing process, having been denied previously at the lower levels before I filed my appeal to an ALJ. It was obvious during the hearing that Judge McMillion was prepared, and the questions he asked were good. I felt like Judge McMillion wanted to gain a better understanding of my mental health treatment as well as the side effects of medications prescribed. All in all, my hearing with Judge McMillion was a good experience.

  2. Stacey says:

    Quite deleting my reviews, I’ve posted this and it’s been deleted 3 times already. All I gotta do is copy and paste it back in here, as I’ve saved it to a text file.

    Ben Mcmillion He’s polite but be cautious, anything you say can and WILL be used against you.

    He cherry picks information. He took what a psychiatric nurse (that’s ONLY a 2-4 year degree and!—she was just out of school!) he took what she said as gospel but ignored the psychiatrist’s notes whom has 12+ years of a degree and 16 years experience. … I did the math, but I don’t know if he knows who has hierarchy between those two.

    If I would have taken that psychiatric nurse’s advice I’d be dead. I have zero doubts. I was feeling weird and scared and starting to have hallucinations and she kept wanting to “bump up” my meds and not take me off of them! I thank the lord every day that I got to change to go to the psychiatrist who said that NEVER should have happened. And was able to correct things.

    Also the nurse recommended therapy “ASAP”. I went to therapy and the therapist AND psychiatrist said I wasn’t ready and that I needed to get my meds straightened out first. And in his decision he said that I didn’t go to therapy enough, so there he went again favoring a nurse over a psychiatrist.

    McMillon thinks hallucinating on meds and being scared is normal and thinks a nurse’s advice is better advice than a legit Dr’s advice.

    My partner and I answered honestly but he said my partner’s answers “didn’t match” what I told the doctor. but Judge Mcmillion yet he said nothing of mine. If that were the case why didn’t he write that mine didn’t match what I told the doctor? Hm. (Btw, my partner was with me every time I went to the doctor thus he knew what all was said).

    He asks off-the-walk questions that have nothing to do with the case and none of his concern. He kept asking why my partner went with me to therapy even though I answered it about 3-4 times. At the very end he kept poking and prodding and using leading questions to ask what the doctor advised me to do. (Not sure why he asked if I had already lost my case). But to answer: my doctor had suggested none of what he said at all. He kept asking question such as: “Sometimes doctors recommend _____, did yours?” ….. No, none of that Mcmillion, none. Which shows how little he knows about extreme debilitation. What I have is so severe it’s like asking a gunshot victim: “ did your doctor recommend to put a bandaid on your open gunshot wound?”

    Nice person. Just don’t be fooled by that. Someone must be deleting his negative reviews here because I see no other ones. I’ll repost this again if it gets deleted

    Best of luck to whom ever reads this that’s going thru this.

  3. Johnny Mobley says:

    He’s a good judge and my lawyer was great

  4. Yolanda P says:

    ALJ Benjamin Mcmillion is a very smart man. I have been denied disability twice but thank God for Benjamin for making a wise decision on my claim.

  5. Domna says:

    I had my hearing on February 17th for SSI in front of Judge Mcmillion. It is now been over 1 month and I have still not received a decision either way and as I’m sure all of you out there are very familiar with, this has been 4 LONG financially, emotionally, and psychologically traumatizing experience. While I was very scared and nervous judge McMillion was extremely easy to talk to, he asked fair questions and listened to not only my answers but my attorneys as well. I do feel that he was very fair and he made the hearing process far less intimidating and scary than I thought it would be. Can’t rate him as far as his decision goes because I don’t know what it is yet. I do know that by the time you have waited a minimum of 1 year and from the looks of it a maximum of maybe 6 or7 years, that once you get to the hearing stage you should receive your decision in a quick and timely manner, as there is nothing worse then waiting for a decision after you have already been waiting years to even get to this point. I’m quite sure they count on most of us to give up or drop this at some point in time due to the financial hardships and burdens it puts on the claimants because of the lengthy amount of wait time for a hearing. Filing for benefits has been the most frustrating, bureaucratic, time consuming, nerve wracking, financially draining thing I’ve ever gone through and that’s saying something!! Best of luck to all of you who have filed and are awaiting decisions my heart goes out to you and I pray for favorable decisions. All in all I found judge McMillion to be compassionate, fair and very thorough.

  6. Donna Waters says:

    Very nice and polite man.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very nice man

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