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  1. Frank Reno says:

    I recently appeared before Judge Porter after fighting for disability for 3 years. I found Judge Porter to be very methodical, touching every point of my request. He seemed very professional and was more than fair to me. Although I was concerned about his decision, especially after having my case rejected twice by state workers, in his decision he described in detail every factor considered. It also detailed what to do in case I wanted to appeal the decision. Overall I was impressed by Judge Porter and his professionalism. If you’re trying to scam or don’t have a legitimate case I would suggest another judge, this one digs for details and finds them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    After two years of fight for what I paid in you send me a denial you have the lowest approval ratings there I gave you tons of medical records,doctors statements, even a state handicap tag you say I can work how when I can’t even walk much less drive like I told you well I will appeal and shen they overturn my case you will see how wrong this was of you I ses you give drug addicts, fat lazy people that don’t want to work etc disability everyday when a real disabled person like me suffer we pay you with our taxes to do nothing you sit behind a desk if I had a job like yours I’m sure I could work buf when you had a bone taken out of your spine it hard to do anything your way out of line on this one I contacted mu congressman and more federal government people along with the press your a jerk and I may have to do without cause of you longer but I hope by the end of this you have no job and I know alot of people that love to see your sorry butt gone

  3. Anonymous says:

    Call my lawer yesterday to find out my case is still in unassigned writing after 5 months it not moved is there anyone else out there having this same problem I just can’t understand why it not moving when people that had court the same day as me got there case done months ago am I being pushed to the side please anyone out there let me know some information it does no good to call them or the lawer as they all act like they have no clue why

  4. Anonymous says:

    As of today it been over six months since court and still nothing I’m going on two years now this is not right there no way I can work and if I call this odar center I’m told to call my lawer which is pointless cause he can’t give me any information I’m out of money for a doctor etc I need this money and judge porter it your job to see I’m disabled and need this money for medical care so I’m calling my government offices there no need to make people that need there disability badly wait and most the time it to deny them so they have to wait even more years fighting for what is right fully there money I hope the lord forgives your sins of doing people this way then you can beg like we all have done you make a large pay check off of us just to deny our claims or make us wait after we waited for years also the staff is rude there we pay you so be nice I’m done running my mouth I’ll just sit here and wait as always and I pray you and your staff have to wait years on something one day and learn to feel for people and not be so evil

  5. Anonymous says:

    In his decision for my SSDI he stated I am inconsistent and not quite believable. So basically I am a liar. This is what I waited 2 years for. No job, no insurance and now no benefits (to which I have paid in). This judge also has a disability so maybe because he can work he thinks others can as well. That could explain his high denial rate.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Judge Porter was very nice and extremely thorough in his questioning. I do hope someone will post here on how long it took them to get their hearing decision in the mail and whether it was approved or not. I have been waiting four and a half months for my decision and I am also worried due to his approval percentage. Seems he made his decision fairly quickly in my case since it has been sitting in writing for over 2 months. Of course, the Judge has no control over this step. Good luck to everyone who is still waiting!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Four months after he closed mu case still no letter I’ve called and was told it was at writer then last time I called I told to call my lawer after seeing he only approved 63 cases this year I hope I’m one he have the lowest rate of approval of all judges here well guess I’ll keep waiting wish someone could help me out

  8. Anonymous says:

    Had hearing back in December was just told friday I need more surgery done but my lawer telling me it sitting at a decision writer judge porter is very nice I hope he did appove my case I’ve been fighting since 2012 I hope I hear something soon cause my doctor want me at the doctor that did my surgery asap I need the medical or I’m going to be in a wheelchair

  9. Brent Corey McBride says:

    He was actually very nice and conservative
    he doesn’t ramble on
    allot like most judges seem to do
    very respectful of a person needs and disabilities
    just went to my hearing in front of him and he seems very nice and respect full

  10. Anonymous says:

    Nice enough but does not seem to understand how treating source opinions are to be treated and he tends to still go through entire VE testimony even if an ME has testified that claimant meets a listing.

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