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  1. Experienced Rep says:

    I am surprised by the comments left here. Judge Crocker has always been a pleasant and fair judge. In fact, I would prefer to be in front of him over any other judge in Lexington.

  2. A Washigton says:

    This judge denied my SSI as well and expert testimony repeatedly said no jobs available for me as well.. If im denied SSI and experts say there are no jobs for me, what am i to do? Whats wrong with this judge??

  3. Jenny Stapleton says:

    Judge Crocker denied my husbands disability. My husband cant walk, sit, sleep and he is in pain most every waking hour! He has reports from 2 doctors that give him a maximum of lifting 10 pounds! My husband has ALWAYS been a hard working man and all his hard work proved was showing that he is a fighter and it got him denied! He has had numerous surgeries and has spondylolisthesis, carpal tunnel in both hands, diverticulitis, crohn’s disease, he has to walk on a cane due to sudden weakness in his legs and at times I even have to wipe his behind ! Yet he was denied! What the heck is wrong with these judges! I’m willing to bet if he had gone before the judge and NEVER worked he would have been approved! I don’t know how we are expected to survive, we have paid into the system from the time we were 18 and now he is 49 and I am 50, and the stress from worrying about the bills have taken their toll. I work full time but we all know it takes 2 incomes! He isn’t asking for a handout he is has worked his entire life and paid into the system! I know this judge is new but good grief show some compassion! During the hearing you guys couldn’t even find a job that he could do!

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