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  1. Brent Shelton says:

    Judge davis is a racist prejudice jackass and he discriminated against me for years and I think people like judge bradley l davis should go straight to hell

  2. jesse says:

    I would like t apologize for my recent post on June 12th, I suffer from severe bipolar disorder that wasn’t apparently recognized fully in court along with other serious medical issues. Said decision caused me to have a bipolar episode and I made that post and I do apologize to you Mr. Davis, I am sorry

  3. jesse cap says:

    I pray this piece of **** chokes on his wifes ****

  4. Rep says:

    Can any rep provide some new insight about this ALJ. On one hand seems to be a nice guy, but he currently has a 23% approval. Not real good. Is he ok with openings, no openings, realistic to when medicals are very supporting as opposed to going after CE to muddy up the water. Thanks

  5. Anonymous says:

    I have been in front of more than one judge, but this one most recently. I completely agree that maybe I didn’t “look” sick enough for them. I have years of records documenting my illness, but it appears that drs, nurses and therapists who have seen me regularly over the years are not as qualified to judge my ability to work as a ssa dr that is reading my file! And I can’t pick and choose my Dr’s at will since I have medicaid. …it’s a miracle I have people that will see me at all. I also agree about statements being picked and chosen and manipulated at will or downright fabricated to fit you into the “unfavorable” pile….one final note. This will probably identify me to the judge but I don’t care anymore. I’ve been fighting these jerks for nearly 6 years now, they’d sooner see me dead than approved. Right before my attorney and I were leaving my hearing, my atty asked about some evidence that should have been in the record but he couldn’t see it. Your honor’s (there’s a good one) response?? “If it’s not there I’m sure you’ll see it ON APPEAL.” sooooo….anybody who had any doubt that these judges went in with an objective mind as to whom was going to get approved, yeah….IT IS THEIR JOB TO FIND A REASON TO DENY US OUR BENEFITS. I hope that one day these guys get a good helping of karma,it’s just not right to play with people’s lives like this!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Have had several hearings with this ALJ. He is friendly and personable, younger and newer to the bench. He allows openings and closings and has rep to questioning. He has a reasonable award rate and will clearly pay cases with merit. Nice judge to work with.

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