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  1. Brian Smith says:

    I did get a favorable decision at the hearing i had in Fall of 2021. If you are like me, maybe you are waiting for the hearing wondering if Mr. Bedwell is going to be favorable or just throw your case out because of the statistics you read. If you are honest, and have enough evidence, you should not worry. He is friendly, he is not going to trick you and you will just have to wait for his decision. Because of the pandemic and that my lawyer wanted a video call, my initial ALJ hearing was rescheduled for over a year. Originally scheduled for June 2020. This allowed me to gather more and more evidence. If you are going to have a video call, I’ll give you my trick. I wore a headset so everything was clear. Then, i covered up my laptop with some cloth so I could not see anyone on the screen. In this manner, i just stared at the webcam, and focused on the questions. Why? Because this was my second video hearing and the first one was postponed due to technicalities. The first hearing i was staring at my lawyer and an emply chair where the ALJ was going to sit and my mind went blank. Back to Mr. Bedwell. He is a fair judge, never belittling, but I did have 4 years of evidence, doctors appointments, x rays, etc. Also, I did not have many of my doctors on my side. So, if you have doctors on your side then you will be in a better position than i was. Hope this helps whoever reads this.

  2. Hola, el pasado 23 de de Marzo, tuve la Audiencia de apelación de mi caso SSI,y el Juez Brent C.Bedwell,debido al Covid-19,se realizó por teléfono, con una Intérprete, fue perfecta, y me sentí muy cómoda y por primer vez en 21 meses pude explicar mi mayor problema de salud, porque él tenía lo demás ya estudiado, considero que su trabajo fue EXCELENTE, DIOS LO BENDIGA.

  3. K. Greinke says:

    3/19/19 was my hearing for ssi and ssdi, I was awarded full benefits before I left the room. All I did was tell the truth and let my medical records speak for me.Judge Bedwell is very understanding of his job and seems to be a down to earth person.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He is fair and just.

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