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  1. J. Johnson says:

    This ALJ should be investigated for corruption. He ignores the testimony of witnesses. He ignores the medical evidence. He does not abide by social security law or administrative hearing procedure. I wonder if he is paid to deny all claims.

  2. SPLC says:

    Judge Rippel is a VERY nice judge. Allows for an opening and closing remarks. He will go over preliminary info and employment history w/ client, then he will allow the rep to question client. He will cross.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hes a heartless person if hes even human!! He went agianst my Drs and even SS own mental health Dr as well as the employment lady who was there with him but took my side!!

  4. CtinaM says:

    Judge Rippel was very fair. He was polite and understanding. My advice is to be completely respectful and honest!

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