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  1. Thomas MacKay says:

    I have a hearing coming up in one month in front of judge Brian Crawley , I PRAY HE IS AS FAIR AND UNDERSTANDING AS IM TOLD BY MY LAWYER!!!!!!
    I must say i am EXTREMLEY nervous and scared this is my 4th hearing in front of a judge and simply because of my age i was denied i had two different lawyers representing me and the first 2 times in front of a judge the lawyers told me they have never seen so much paper work from doctors hospitals specialists and tests mri’s catscans and tens to fifties of other tests all coming to the same conclusion that due to my health and that it is not going to change and ill have to live with it the rest of my life i should be granted ssdi and ssi plus i am a single Father.. Now at least the last two times in front of the judge i have the best lawyer in this kind of practice Sullovin and Kehole they give me the confidence and backed up with all that paper work all the way from march 2016 till now august 2021 there should be NO REASON why this judge denies me i have not worked since 2011 and been supported by family because of my illnesses that stop me from working. I also have a son who I HAVE HAD FULL LEAGEL and RESIDENTIAL custody since 2010 with zero help from the mother and maybe seen him 5 times in the past 12 years so i am responsible for ALL his needs clothes food shelter school acceries and EVERYTHING ELSE UNDER THE SUN THAT A GROWING 11& !/2 year old boy might want and need and continues.. I have NOT worked since 2010 JUly since then ive been with family and been on tempory assistance SNAP Medicaid along with my 11 year old son not able to mak ends meet except for the SNAP food we do get to eat for the month but the money for rent school clothes axxeries supplies is not even a dimes worth close.

  2. Rita Brooks Brooks says:

    Patrica mevin was my judge and having heard nothing can I get another hearing I going to appeal until I did from what is going on I ask and nothing where do I have to next die

  3. Anonymous says:

    I must say judge Cawley is a very nice and understanding gentleman he listens to you and doesn’t make you nevous while answering his questions hope he is as nice as I think he is

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have yet to receive a decision, and regardless of the outcome, I still feel a 5 star rating justified. Why? Judge Crawley puts you at ease with his calm demeanor, in what is a very stressful situation for the applicant.

    It was also very apparent Judge Crawley read, and was well versed on all the particulars of the case in advance. His questions were logical, and on point, and guided to make a specific, well informed decision.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nice guy very fair

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