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  1. Jane Doe says:

    Bigot, transphobe, and eugenicist. Misgenders trans individuals deliberately. Disregards all professional testimony in favor of court experts with no relationship with or understanding of a claimant’s needs or context. Does not take into account mental illness, physical disability, discrimination, trauma, or neurodivergence. He is a vile bigot who relishes in mocking and abusing those he looks down on, and has a trend of disregarding anyone but his own court experts who are not qualified to assess most of the information presented. Sometimes he lies outright. He has been heard commenting that disabled people are a burden to society that should be “alleviated, not just treated.” Eugenicist. The man is dangerous.

  2. SPLC says:

    He is also a stickler for medical records. Expects the file to be complete. Especially, if you have been the rep for some time.

  3. SPLC says:

    Respectful to claimant and representative. Allows for cross examination and commented on not leading the witness. Knows the file and refers to the evidence during hearing. Allows for opening and closing.

  4. Mike says:

    He was and ok Judge. It’s been 3 months and no decision yet. Very nerve wracking. Overall he was nice and let my attorney ask me questions.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Decision was definitely made prior to my hearing as it was listed as made the day after my hearing. All medical evidence provided, without a doubt proved my claim. Vocational expert essentially said I was unemployable. Questioned notes in my medical records several times and twisted the answer around to make it seem I was a liar. Unfavorable decision listed a myriad of reasons for the denial including dates, physical statements, and other such information seemingly made up out of thin air. Causing intense friction between myself and medical providers as I believed what he said was true. Now I am an unemployed disabled mother without benefits or the ability to care for my child or take care of myself.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I thought he was kind, direct and to the point. I feel like I may not have provided all information to him that I wanted to. But overall I was content and don’t honk someone else would have been better

  7. Anonymous says:

    Very dismissive! Rude and harsh. His mind is made up before the hearing.

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