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  1. Bobby G Matthews says:

    I looked up this Brian Lucas who is judging people so hard everyone else should do the same. go to . Federal Employment Profilr its totally legal it shows me that from 2007 his gross pay was 53000 a years as of 2018 his gross pay is 153030 a years. Now do you think he is getting the money he saved Mississippi by denying us I do .and again can this man pass a piss test I can and when controlling a person’s life the way he does he should have to also .

  2. Bobby G Matthews says:

    This man completely made me lose 17vmonths of my life waiting for a turn down he has a lit of my information wrong as well like my education level and a lot of my medical issues and says I can set at a bench and assemble. Electronic assembler .a electrical assembler and told how many jobs there were for all thos but yet he still works from home wile wanting me to set next to someone that could possibly give me covid it would kill me for sure if I got it with all my heart issues . I wonder if this man can pass a drug test he should be tested every time he is given a case to turn down did you read his about imfor only 4 out of 15 cases were passed this white prick sucks .

  3. Marta Churchwell says:

    Sarcoidosis 4 mental issues…cervical cancer scare….but denied…im not white so he denied me

  4. Marta Churchwell says:

    He does not approve black people. He will act concern but he really dont care if your not white

  5. Anonymous says:

    Judge Lucas denied my husbands case. After reading the decision letter I found numerous discrepancies. The judge has his education level incorrect, stated that my husband claims were different in court vs what was previously stated on record. The problem with this is my husband answered questions with specific answers. These answers were taken completely out of context. I believe if the judge had asked the questions in a different format he would have received different answers. The judge stated the doctors released my husband advising they found all treatments were successful. What the judge didn’t see was that the doctors dismissed my husbands complaints about continuing pain saying their “work” was good. Their work was good but did not relieve his pain.

    Maybe if the judge’s questions weren’t so vauge and if the answers had been taken in the correct context the outcome would have been very different.

  6. Patti says:

    I saw this judge via video thru Marquette MI a couple weeks ago. He was very polite and listened to my case. My atty spoke very highly of the judge. I have not heard anything yet but am hopeful. These judges do not have easy jobs with all the cases that are not true. Good luck to all applications. .

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